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What could they be?

Advantages are an essential part of any character. They define what special stuff your character has accumulated throughout his or her (or its) life. They are things like Martial arts styles, special skills with weapons, the ability to make ammunition, a job, an apartment or shop, and an enormous amount of other things.

Where to get them

Most advantages can be purchased in character generation for advantage points, although some are only available in-game after a certain amount of character development. You start off with 75 Advantage Points(APs), so choose wisely. In game, you can use the APs you gain for your time in game, to buy certain advantages through the @sptrade system, although these are usually 2-3 times as expensive as chargen and are heavily scrutinized by the admin before being approved. It is possible to get almost any advantage through an @request, but it will cost you at least 50AP an advantage, if not 100. There are also disadvantages which give you more APs to use in chargen, but be careful as some of them are quite nasty.
note Some advantages can only be gotten as a tier 3 character, these will be marked with a 3 after their AP cost.

Combat Advantages

Martial Arts
Use the command @natural [name of style] to use any of these martial arts when you aren't holding a weapon.

Aikijutsu for 25 APs: (Defensive Martial Arts)
You have been trained to use the defensive martial arts style Aikijutsu. It is a style of entangling arm locks and lighting quick strikes, which make it one of the more damaging "defensive" martial arts styles.

Dirty infighting for 25 APs: (Brawling)
Street Brawling, barfighting, any sort of Fisticuffs, your style is what some people would call unfair. You would just call them losers. Throwing dirt, sucker punches, the creative use of knifehand strikes, and elbows all combine to form a sort of disorganized style that is all too effective.

Kung Fu for 30 APs: (Offensive Martial Arts)
I know kung fu.

Muay Thai for 30 APs: (Offensive Martial Arts)
An Offensive Martial Arts style called "The art of eight limbs." It involves your fists, elbows, shins, feet, and knees being used to "box" with your opponent.

Savate for 25 APs: (Offensive Martial Arts)
Savate originated as a style of French street fighting, with a fairly kick-boxing-like manner. It involves all the normal kicks and punches you would expect from street fighting and throws in a few open handed slaps for variety. Savate at one point in history had tournaments and leagues devoted to it, with specific rules. Chances are that's how you learned it, however in the violent existence of everyday life, such rules are easily forgotten.

Tae Kwon Do for 25 APs: (Offensive Martial Arts)
The fall of the North American economy encouraged an influx of Chinese television. Many of the programs idealized a brawling version of Tae Kwon Do, and now this bastard of an offensive martial arts style is popular around the world. It uses overpowering strength, snap kicks, and full body sweeps to incapacitate your opponents.

Taijitsu for 25 APs: (Defensive Martial Arts)
Knifehand strikes, arm locks, dodges, counter-blocks, twists. Each of these is an integral part of the Taijitsu style. The less damaging of the Defensive martial arts it concentrates more on dodging and blocking then inflicting damage.

Skill Sets
Black-Ops training for 30 APs: 3
Somehow you learned black operations, how to kill quickly and efficiently. The wars of today are fought with small squads, not with large armies, and you have been trained with this in mind. Whether taught by a corporation, the government, the ninjas who home-schooled you, or just a friend, you know the ropes of Rifle, Pistol, Stealth, and OMA. Over-capping these skills will cost you less than normal, the first few times.

Fast loading for 15 APs: 3
Fast with guns is one thing, but at the critical moment when your clip or cylinder is empty, you are a cut above the rest. Be it natural skill or years of hard work, you can get your gun back in action faster than most. You do not have to deal with combat round penalties with clip load guns, and Revolvers reload much faster than normal.

Military Training for 30 APs: 3
The idea of a formal military doesn't really exist in the corporate run world of CyberSphere, where conventional forces with their large numbers are a thing of the past. However corporations still have soldiers, and many veterans from the armies of yesterday are still around. So whether you received training from a national army or from a corporate entity, you know your way around several forms of weapons. Pistol, SMG, Melee, Gunnery and Gun Tech all overcap easier the first few times.

quick draw - Pistol/Swords for 15 APs:
Being able to get your weapon of choice out quickly is essential in the rough and tumble streets of New Carthage, whether it be getting the first shot off at your opponent, or being able to parry that surprise attack that catches you without sword in hand. Either way, if you use swords or pistols, and plan on fighting, quickdraw is rarely a bad choice. The command is qd [target] with [weapon]. You will need to make sure your weapon is accessible, either in an open holster or scabbard, or simply on your person.

Sharp Shooter for 25 APs: 3
As a sharp shooter, you love the thrill of the perfect shot, the anticipation as you line up your gun, or take a bead on a running target. You excel at precision shooting, blowing holes through quarters with your revolver, or maybe just being able to get that head shot in a tight situation. Overcapping Pistol, Rifle or Gun Tech is much easier the first couple times with this advantage.

Ways to Earn a Living
Ammo Loading for 10 APs:
With the right materials, you can make almost any ammunition. From small arms to grenade launcher rounds, from belts for SAWs to very large bullets for anti-tank weaponry, there is almost nothing you cannot create.

There are various advantages available to support this particular method of earning a living. Please see the armorcrafter page for an in-depth explanation.

Body guard training for 15 APs: 3
Protection is your specialty. Maybe a corporation trained you to take a bullet for a celebrity, or a powerful corporate executive, or maybe you just picked it up on the street, that happens. Using the command Bodyguard (person) you can block attacks from hitting them, however that attacks then come at you, so be careful. The command Stop bodyguarding will cause you to stop protecting your ward.

Coroner for 10 APs
As a street crime expert or a trained doctor, you are very good at determining the cause and time of death of a corpse. With the right shop, and equipment you can even go further in depth.

Counselor Training for 20 APs:
Your psychological training is fairly useful for those who are cyberpyscho. Just grab a pad and a nutter and they should be back to almost normal in no time. Counsel [nutjob] will start a session, stop counseling will end it prematurely. Using this skill takes AP from the counselor.

CyberDeck Technician for 15 APs:
A cyberdeck tech knows how to strip and install hardware on cyberdecks. A deckshop facility is useless without cyberdeck technician knowledge.

CyberDeck Engineer for 60 APs: This Advantage is only available in game
The training that is required to repair and modify high end decks. Well worth it if you are a decker and are hoping to one day float the grid on an Mindseye 3.

Cyberdoc for 25 APs:
Whether it's back alley graft jobs, or high end corporate enhancements, you know your way around the human body and all of the shiny goodies that can be put inside of it. This combined with the Cyberdoc skill will let you rip and install implants.

Deathguild for 10 APs:
The Deathguild is a loose association of Mercenaries, who offer assassination services via a nice shiny terminal. Once the money and the target is put up, Deathguild members go after the targets at their leisure. This advantage gives you access to redeem heads at the terminal.

Detective Training for 20 APs: 3
Formal or Informal, you excel at arts much more subtle than combat: lifting that fatal piece of evidence off an enemy, seeing the worth in a weapon, or opening a door to search living quarters while the occupants sleep. Detective works like black-ops training, for Appraisal, Thievery and Lockpick.

Drug Dealer for 30APs: This Advantage is only available in game
You sell drugs, you know where to get them, and you can get them in huge quantities, for whomever is buying...or maybe just whoever you like. Using the equipment provided by BBP, and tapping into BBP's network of suppliers, almost any drug on the market is possible to obtain. Remember, never get high off your own supply.

EMT Training for 25 APs: 3
Every gang, Every corporate hit squad, every crime organization, needs a doctor to patch their members up and to keep them on the fighting edge with the best chrome they can buy. The doctors with EMT training consistently do better than those who are untrained, or trained on the street. Characters with EMT training get a break on their first few overcapped skill raises for Cyberdoc and First Aid.

Engineering for 25 APs: 3
Some people have a knack for machines, others go to school for engineering. In the fast paced future, everyone needs something fixed. Deckers need faster decks, solos need better guns, corpies need cooler cars. Engineering is similar to EMT training, except it covers the skills Appraisal, Gun Tech, Mechanic, Programming, and Electronics.

Faceman for 10 APs: 3
Connections, that's what facemen are all about. Whether you know a guy who knows a guy, or your father is an important corporate business man, somehow you know the right people. They can get places most people can't, they pick up packages, and deliver goods. Facemen are the low guy on the totem pole, but can often quickly advance to more connected statuses, such as Fixer or Drug Dealer.

Fixer for 36 APs: This Advantage is only available in game
Knowing where to get stuff is crucial, whether it's weapons, chrome, supplies, electronics, or armor. Each Fixer has his own specialty, and can use his connections to get many hard to get items. Obviously selling these items is the goal, but a substantial amount of money is required beforehand to invest. Fixers can use AP and credits to get almost anything in the game in their specific niches.
Note: This advantage requires faceman advantage before you can request it. You have to be connected and reliable to the black market before they let you take out a line of credit and order shit.

Gun Repair for 16 APs:
The ability to repair guns, unjam guns, retool custom guns, and make custom guns, even add scopes. Gun repair is the essential complement to the Gun Tech skill.

IO Simulant Agent for 7 APs: 3
Simulants are genetic freaks, not quite mutants and not quite humans. IO has been contracted by the Turing corporation to hunt these freaks down. As a sim hunter, you are allowed corpside, and know how to find simulants. You will get paid each time you kill a simulant and turn in the head.

Lock Expert for 20 APs:
You have been picking locks, whether legitimately or not, for quite some time and you know your way around lock picks. You can use lock picks with your lockpick skill to open most doors.

Phiber-Optik's for 0 APs:
As an electrician you are employed by Bill Phiber-Optik's, a factory on Hosaka that produces electronics. By entering the factory and working for a few hours a day you make some cred, to do whatever with.

Reporter for 10 APs:
In New Carthage, news is made every day: gang killings, hit jobs, assassinations, drug running, conflicts and innumerable other interesting events make the city one huge mass of reportable intel. As a reporter you can write and submit articles to NCI which can then end up on the BBS. This makes you a little money, enough to survive on...but not that much.

Scavenger for 15 APs:
The wastes, junkyards, and many other places present opportunities to those with the right eye. As a scavenger you can use your skills and this advantage to find things others can't to take junk left about and turn it into useful and sometimes even valuable items.

Weaponsmith for 20 APs:
People personalize cars, houses, gardens, clothing, and in the future their weapons. A weaponsmith has mastered the art of turning your average every day weapon into something unique and personalized. Using your weaponsmithing connections you can get almost anything you might need to make a ordinary weapon extraordinary.

Language recognition for 2 APs:
You can recognize most languages, the words used elude you, but if someone is speaking French you will know.

To use a language, type speak [language] and everything you say on coms or in person will only be understandable by another speaker of that language. Simply typing speak will tell you what language you're speaking and which languages you know.
The languages are:
Arabic for 5 APs
Chinese for 5 APs
French for 5 APs
Gaelic for 5 APs
German for 5 APs
Italian for 5 APs
Japanese for 5 APs
Navaho for 15 APs
Portuguese for 5 APs
Russian for 5 APs
Spanish for 5 APs
Street-Talk for 5 APs
Thai for 5 APs

Vehicle Advantages
Assault Driver for 30 APs: Requirements: Corp Driver
You have been a driver for corporations, and have been trained specifically to avoid ambushes, and to drive assault vehicles. This advantage augments any skill points you put into driver, it gives you more points than corporate driver, but also costs more APs.

Combat Biker for 20 APs: Requirements: Gang Biker
A Combat biker, has either biked for a corporation, or been in a biker gang, through many gang wars. This advantage is similar to the Driver Advantages, but gives you a bonus in Biker, which stacks with the Gang biker advantage.

Corp Driver for 20 APs:
You have driven a car for a corporation, usually in corporate convoys, transporting people, information, weapons, product, or any dozen other things that corporations need moved. You are reasonably proficient at driving any street car, and gain a small bonus to your driver skill.

Expert biker for 30 APs:
Expert bikers, Lead biker gangs, they are the front runners feared by all other biker gangers. In the corporate world they are paid large sums of money, in order to rule the streets for whomever has the most cred. Expert bikers get a very large bonus to their biking skill.

Gang biker for 15 APs:
Maybe you were in a biker gang, maybe you just like to ride Motorcycles, possibly you ride in a corporate motorcade. In whichever case you are an alright biker, and have some experience. Gang Biker gives you a small bonus to your biking skill.

Motorcycle Owner for 30 APs: 3
You own a motorcycle, not a terribly nice one, but it's yours and it's pretty neat if you do say so yourself. It probably won't be a waste bike, but it won't be the fancy hoverbike from Nga. Nevertheless it's a cool bike, and it gets you where you need to go.

Cybernetics Packages
Brawler Cybernetics for 20 APs: 3
You enter New Carthage with a few implants in you, ones that will specifically benefit a brawler. You gain Basic Grafted Muscles, and Duro Knuckles. This saves you the trouble of finding making the money for implants, then finding a doctor in game right away, however remember this is spending APs you wont get back, to get implants that you can lose.

Corporate Cybernetics for 20 APs: 3
Corporate cybernetics is the basic chrome set of your average corporate citizen, It comes with a DNI, a brain wire, and a sensorium access unit. Everything a budding little corpie needs.

Cyberdoc Cybernetics for 20APs: 3
As a cyberdoc you have access to some of the best chrome, and you use it to make your practice better! You have had a friend install the Gensyn Medical cyberhand, for operations, and Mass-Neotek ISCAN eyes, for checking patients' chrome loads out.

Decking Cybernetics for 20 APs: 3
As a decker, you need your implants to keep yourself above the crowd. You have to be faster than the competition and that nasty ice as you surf the grid, so you blew a chunk of your savings on the nicest chrome you could find. Besides the essential DNI, you also nabbed a Neural Co-Pro and a Brain Wire.

Detective Cybernetics for 20 APs: 3
Whether you're an actual detective, or you just want to know whats going on around you, High Range Hearing and Zeiss lowlight eyes are an essential part of your body.

Health Guru Cybernetics for 20 APs: 3
You like to be healthy, maybe you worry about poison, or drugs, or you get into fights a lot and like to make sure you don't get too messed up, so you had a doc put in some health monitoring, and health protecting chrome. You've got a Retinal display, an Internal Biomonitor, and a bloodfilter.

SimStar Cybernetics for 20 APs: 3
As a popular Sim star, you have to be able to watch yourself, get media reports and keep up with all the hot gossip. Your agent made sure to give you all the chrome you need to do just that. With a retinal display, and cyberTRI-V receiver, you're always up to date. In addition fashions change with the moment, so go color-q-fashion eyes, and fiber optic hair to make sure you can change as quick as your clothes.

Solo Cybernetics for 20 APs: 3
Solos are the guys who fight alone: hit men, ex cops, those who shun groups in favor of the loner way of life. They are moody, brooding and dangerous in combat, but everyone needs their cybernetic enhancements to give them that edge, especially when fighting without backup, as many solos do. The Solo cybernetics package is geared toward guns, a favorite of many Solos. So get ready to cause havoc with a SmartLink, Retinal Display, and Zeiss-Ikon Lowlight Eyes.

Street Samurai Cybernetics for 20 APs: 3
Your body moves like liquid, contorting around the bullets whizzing around you, a bullet tears through your arm, grazing the bone as you spin away from a burst of fire. You close in, and drive your Metal claws up into their stomach, as their blood pumps down your arm, a smile of triumph crosses your face. Street Samurai are the close quarters killers in CyberSphere, they prefer to eviscerate or otherwise incapacitate their opponents from close range, an interesting choice in today's world of guns. In order to survive such rigorous and unconventional combat, a Street Samurai needs implants to make them stronger, faster, heartier. An Adrenaline Control Module, and basic wires would do the trick quite nicely.

Clones-R-US Cheap Clone for 3 APs: 3
You have a clone, already stored in New Carthage for you. It is at Clones-R-Us, a rather cheap clone institution in the Old City. It's cheap and prone to clonefail, but at least it's a clone.

Myotech clone for 5 APs: 3
A clone is one of the essential parts of life in New Carthage, whether you just got into town and first thing grabbed a clone, or if you've lived here all your life and have a longstanding relationship with Myotech. This advantage gives you a clone, and Myotech's Clone Arrangers is the most popular clone provider in the city.

Parallel Resurrection clone for 10 APs: 3
Parallel Resurrection, or PR, is one of the more upscale clones favored by deckers, corporate citizens, and anyone west side with a lot of money. PR offers a gear retrieval service, and for a price a combat rescue service, that will retrieve you, hopefully alive, from amidst combat. The sight of a PR wristband flashing is enough to send many assailants packing, for fear of PR's rescue AV and personnel.

Myotech Offworld clone for 15 APs: 3
An off-world clone is from the clone provider on the L4 orbital habitat. It is the best and most upscale clone provider available. It is impossible to make the minute errors that cause close failure in the zero-g world of space, so having one of these clones is well worth the cost and travel. It might be a hassle to get to, though, if you don't have the training to go into zero-g.

Corp-Class Starting Credits for 25 APs 3
You are a corpie, and have money, maybe you are upper class, and have a lot of money stored away. Either way you have a large amount of cred (10k) stored in the bank.

Freelance Criminal for 15 APs: 3
You do jobs for the criminal underground in your spare time, maybe you mug people? Maybe you kill some easy marks for your boss every once and awhile, whatever you do it pays. You trade between 1 and 3 APs a week for 1-3k. It does however go on your criminal record, which can be quite a problem with the NCSP or NCPD. The command @freelance will toggle this advantage on and off if you need to save up your AP.

Freelance Job for 15 APs: 3
Similar to Freelance criminal, except usually a much more stable job for much more reputable people. You do not receive a criminal record for this Job, but the rewards might be slightly less...However for those wishing to not have trouble with the law, it is well worth it. The command @freelance will toggle this advantage on and off if you need to save up your AP.

High-Class Starting Credits for 15 APs: 3
Your savings account is not quite corporate class, but it is certainly nothing to snert at. Between a savings account and your credstick you have a decent amount of cred (7k) saved up.

Middle-Class Starting Credits for 10 APs: 3
As your average citizen you have an average amount of money (5k) saved up. Middle class starting credits isn't too much, but it's more than you normally start out with, and who doesn't love cred? a commie, son?

Real Estate
Corporate Apartment for 35 APs: 3
You start off with an apartment corpside with some pre-paid rent. This is a good choice if your character has lived in New Carthage for awhile.

Corporate Office for 25 APs: 3
You have worked in New Carthage for awhile, on the East side, so naturally you have an office.

Cyberdeck Shop for 20 APs: 3
You work as a Cyberdeck tech in NC, or have use for owning a cyberdeck shop, with some rent paid of course.

Cybernetics Clinic for 20 APs: 3
Your Cybernetics business is doing moderately well, and you even have your own clinic! Saving up some rent might have been difficult, but now that you've done it you can relax...for a bit.

Garage Depot for 25 APs: 3
For whatever reason, you rent a garage in New Carthage. Whether you keep your fancy vehicles there, or you simply operate a mechanics business, your garage has a bit of rent paid to make sure you can continue doing what you're doing for a bit longer with no worry.

Gun Mod Shop for 20 APs:
As a gun tech, or perhaps someone who owns a lot of guns it is beneficial for you to have a gun tech shop to use to repair guns, add scopes to guns, make ammo etc. You've recently been doing good, so your rent is paid for a bit off into the future.

Low Rent Apartment for 10 APs: 3
As a resident of NC, you have an apartment, it might not be too fancy but its a place to sleep and it holds your stuff. It may be a bit sub-par but its got some rent paid and it does the job so who are you to complain?

Securitech Apartment for 30 APs: 3
Securitech, as its name implies, is easily the most secure apartment complex east side of the wall. It is more expensive than other apartment buildings, but is notoriously hard to break into. Having an apartment there is one of the only reasons many people can sleep at night.

Standard Apartment for 20 APs: 3
Standard apartments, in places like public housing, cost a bit more than low-rent apartments, but they are more secure, and generally cleaner, too. With some pre-paid rent, you've got a nice safe place to sleep, and some room to drop things that you might need later.

Store Owner for 15 APs: 3
No matter what you're selling, having a store is essential. With a bit of rent paid, you have some leeway to gather all you're selling together and price it just right. As long as you advertise well, you can hopefully keep the place and make some extra money.

Tri-V Studio for 20 APs: 3
If you're a reporter, producer, or sim star, having your own studio makes being that lovable Tri-V personality that much easier. Hopefully your programming can make you enough money to keep paying the rent after your deposit runs out.

Decks and Tech for 15 APs: 3
Decking equipment is key to being a decker, This advantage lets you select a couple low end pieces of general decking and technical equipment from a list using a set amount of points.

General Items for 10 APs: 3
This Advantage is similar to Decks and Tech. It allows you to buy things from a list of general items. For the Advantage you get 200 points, to use on Items ranging from 10-200 points. General Items will get you some of the basic stuff that people will have on the street etc.

Municipal Permits for 10 APs:
This advantage allows you access to several permits in chargen. Whether it be a permit to cyberdoc, or to own a weapon, or a few other things this is useful if you're worried about getting the NCPD on your case. There are ways to get these permits in game, so don't sweat it if you don't have the APs.

Wasteland Gear for 15 APs: 3
Wasters need some important gear to survive in the harsh wastes. So Wasteland gear works similar to general items, except all the items are useful for living in the wastes.

Weapons and Armor for 15 APs: 3
In the future, combat is a part of everyday life, almost everyone wears some sort of armor, and most people own some sort of weapon. This advantage works like General items, and allows you to choose from a number of weapons, and a variety of low end armors to bring into game with you.

Hated by... for 0 APs:
You can be hated by a lot of people, mostly gangs like the Jerks, the Pirates, or the Anarchists, or organized crime, like the Yakuza and Mafia. This is an excellent choice if your history permits it, but it means that these gangs will attack you on sight, and you will appear on the blacklist of whichever criminal organization you are hated by. Consequently this could cause some problems, so it is not to be taken lightly.

Mutant for 35 APs: 3
Mutants are freaks, not glamorous X-men, but shambling, broken creates that may be physically superior to humans, but suffer in sanity and looks. Many people discriminate against mutants, but that's the price you pay when you're a genetic freak. Mutants cannot have implants, have to look deformed, and can get the mutant abilities advantage.

Mutant Abilities for 5 APs: 3
What's a mutant without their lovely, freaky and somewhat useful mutations? These are not limitations on the way you can be mutated, just the mutations that you actually use for things, such as natural weapons or acid blood, that have coded effects in game. See the page on mutants for more information.

PR Rescue Service for 20 APs: 3
PR's rescue service is feared by most people. Rarely will an assailant be ballsy enough to continue his or her assault on you after the PR AV has arrived to take you to safety. This advantage gifts you the PR wristband, which is tapped to call on PR's rescue personnel in times of need.

Simulant for 10 APs: 3
Simulants aren't quite mutants and they aren't quite humans. Their DNA scrambling is a result of genetic engineering. They are superior to average humans, but they are often anti-social, unstable, and a danger to society. They rarely survive long in the public eye, especially with the IO simulant hunters tracking them down for the Turing Police.

Ventriloquism for 10 APs:
Throwing your voice is useful both for entertainment, and being generally creepy. Throw-Voice [whatever you want to say] will make it appear as if there is a disembodied voice in the room.

Zero-g training for 10 APs:
Going into a Zero Gravity environment can be quite disconcerting. Without proper training, one becomes space sick and can have difficulty telling up from down. Without this training, drugs are neccessary to go into space without major problems. If you live in Space, have a clone there, or just love exploring space Zero-G training is a good choice.

Addiction for -10APs: 3
Maybe you were rich and bored, or your life was a wreck and you just needed to lose yourself, either way you started doing drugs. A few doses later, you realize you cannot quit. With this disadvantage, you will be permanently addicted to some kind of a drug. Going to rehab will not cure you and you will always be unhealthy because of your bad habit. The good news is... well, there is no good news, you are screwed for life - you should have never done drugs in the first place.

Photophobia for -7APs: 3
Bright lights give you headaches. Actually, almost any light does. Without a set of sunglasses or some other mitigation expect to be miserable (and generally less effective) any time you're in a well lit area.

Hemophilia for -10APs: 3
You bleed. A lot. If someone looks at you the wrong way you might start bleeding. Still, if you're the type who doesn't generally give people a reason to make you bleed you might be alright.

Powerful Enemies for -5APs: 3
This has to be justified by your history and RPed accordingly. Did you sleep with a high ranking corporate suit's daughter? Steal something from the head of a cartel? Assassinate a world leader's family member? Congratulations, you've got powerful enemies! Expect admin to take the opportunity to fuck with you throughout your character's life. This isn't the end of the world, mind you. The people who are sent to deal with you can be dealt with in turn while other situations can be outright avoided if you're quick, clever, and well informed. As long as you're smart and careful this mostly just adds structure to how you RP (such as never going to L4 or an entirely rational fear of anyone who speaks with a British accent). Of course, should you be careless expect a very large hammer of doom to treat you like an anvil.

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