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You've got a friend in the family!

Organized crime in New Carthage has many faces, and the mob is certainly the most prominent. With a heavy presence in the city, it's no surprise that the Mafia goes unchecked, considering only the Yakuza as a threat to their dynasty over the cities many illegal organizations. With money to spare and men at the ready, the Mafia in New Carthage is alive and well, and chances are good, you're funding their operation whether you know it or not.

The Lorenzo Pharmacy chain, a proud subsidiary of the Our Thing corporation, which is rumored to be the legal front for the Mafia in America, serves as the front in New Carthage branch of the Mob. A completely legitimate business downstairs, one will find a different sort of business going on behind closed doors. Lorenzo Lorenzo, (Mister Lorenzo to you, and Uncle to the family), the owner of the chain, can be found on the premises handing out jobs and often dealing with the shadier denizens of New Carthage, using the bankroll from his pharmacy, and less legitimate drug deals to pay for the various tasks he gives to the associates of his organization.

The Family

This is our thing.

Lorenzo Lorenzo

While nobody would proclaim himself as being the Boss of Bosses, there is only one crime family in New Carthage, as far as the mob is concerned, and many smaller ones, which puts the Lorenzo borgata at the top of the list, and Lorenzo as the Capo di tutti capi. The last word on mob activity goes through Mister Lorenzo, or it doesn't go through, capiche?

Anthony Lorenzo

The eldest nephew of the Lorenzo Family, Anthony takes on a lot of responsibilities, most of which include not getting killed. Sadly, due to his incapabilities to do the simplest task, Anthony (though loved), is regarded as a babbo, though nobody would dare say so out loud, lest they feel like being iced.

Vinny Castelletti and Micky Palminteri

While hardly noteworthy, both have proven to be stand up guys in the eyes of The Family. Both started as cugine while very young, and quickly proved to be capable soldiers. Later in their careers, they managed to prove to Lorenzo himself that their loyalty goes far deeper than most, when they turned on their own compare. Stanley "Shine" Giudice, was a capo with big dreams. He intended to have the now infamous consigliere, Tommy Guns killed, so as to open the books and move up to the position himself. Tommy became the target after criticizing Giudice for listening too much to empty suits. Both Castelleti and Palminteri, having no way of going over their capo's head, instead went to the only place they could go. The Mattresses. The total body count was 12, four of which were buttons who had all been caught on camera discussing the off the books hit on one of the mobs own. Lorenzo, after hearing of their actions promoted both men to positions as his personal enforcers, where shortly after they were made. They now stand vigil over Mister Lorenzo and can be seen by his side whenever he conducts business.

Tommy Guns

Aptly named for his taste in firearms, Tommy guns is a consigliere for the Lorenzo family. Having spent a brief period of time in New Carthage, Tommy Guns earned a name for himself in the Lorenzo borgata for his reputation for handling problems in a very direct manner. With his modified M1A Thompson sub machine gun and several hundred pounds of high-explosive, Tommy Guns led a crew against the rising problem of the Yakuza in New Carthage. While his presence was mainly to respond to Ayame Koboyashi, he also managed to step in and deliver as a capo, stepping up collections and cracking down on some of the other associates in the mafia who felt they could use the small war to skim off the top. As an example of the sort of style Tommy Guns is famous for, in his short stint in New Carthage, he managed to blow a hole in the street-facing wall of the Pleasure Dome, the Yakuza establishment (Where he left his motorcycle as a reminder), as well as destroy two apartments in Public Housing. Both incidents involved the use of high explosives.

What to expect

So you want to be a wiseguy, eh?

Most associates for the mob start off small, delivering packages of drugs to other associates and doing the sort of jobs nobody else wants, like cracking down on Kingpin and Janya, who are notorious for 'forgetting' to pay their tributes. Other duties include the occasional hit on one of the Yakuza's business men who's been spotted around town and generally being available to come to the rescue of one of Lorenzo's other men, should the Yaks send out their own crew to fuck up business. Lorenzo is also adamant about being punctual, and those who continually fail at completing the tasks asked of them will find themselves needing the head of one of the Yakuza's up and comers, which Mister Lorenzo will gladly pay a five-thousand cred bounty on, whether he's pleased with you at the moment or not, though he often doesn't care to see the same face twice in a given period of time, and his payment may fall a bit short if that is the case.

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