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RipperDoc Clinic
"Hello? Yeah, man, that's great. Just hide the bodies and bring the shit here, arright?"
"Damn. Remember, I'm in your corner!"


"Man, where the fuck did I put that hacksaw?"

-- Doctor Octagon

You're an artist; the human body is your canvas. You correct the shortcomings of evolution with implanted technology, chrome and silicon engines of perfection. You repair, improve, sculpt, mold flesh. And when the impulses of the machine drive a chromer insane, you're the one who gets to put their personality back together.

You're a doc, highly trained, intricately skilled. You might be legit, working as an emergency medtech, or in business as a cyberware peddler. Or you might be a ripperdoc, dealing in the black market of stolen implants and fresh organ exchange.

Cyberdocs and medtechs in Cybersphere's world are rare and sought-after. Their skills and areas of focus vary, including pure surgery, first-aid, and cyberpsychology. All are characterized by an empathic knowledge of human anatomy, both physical and mental. Their senses are perceptive and precise-- because sometimes it's difficult to spot the kernel of humanity buried in a chrome-grafted cyborg.