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As a player, if after you try multiple avenues and have checked the articles on this site, you find that the help information you are looking for is missing entirely please let us know and we can organise for the missing information to be provided.

If you want to contribute to the Cybersphere (and wiki), we strongly encourage it, so please feel free. The wiki is editable by anyone with a game account (You must be logged in using your game OOC username / password), and some caveats apply - certain pages are protected, and any vandalism will result in account suspension from the site and possibly the game.

If you as a player are extremely familiar with a game system and are able to assist with the creation of in depth guides we strongly encourage it and would greatly appreciate it. These guides should detail specific function use, processes etc that players should know and characters should be capable of, but NOT IC secrets etc.

Players may provide the bulk of an article's information / text without formatting and submit it for review / editing etc by saving the article. This will mark it for review by the Administrators. If you feel that the article is an important one, or you've been asked to submit it, please then notify an Administrator that it is ready so that it can be made available sooner, rather than later.

If an article is created for help file use, please give it an appropriate category and article name as per the formatting guide below. A redirect article can then be made with the format Help/Article which will be accessible in game by anyone searching for help <article>. Wiki style redirects will work, along with virtually any other MediaWiki markdown.

For anyone adding or editing help files, please check out the wiki formatting guide for guidelines, syntax, and requirements. An article doesn't have to be perfect, but as long as you provide the bulk and it makes sense an administrator will be willing to fix up anything needed to bring it up the standard of the rest of the articles and possibly give you some pointers for future additions.


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