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BBP To Crackdown on Unauthorized Franchisees.

Reports have been filtering in that Big Bob's Pharmaceuticals is offering large contracts for the retrieval of their property, namely their BBP(tm) Briefcases, from unauthorized franchisees and the multiple clone deaths of those responsible. Previous NCI reporting discussed a shakeup in the pharmaceuticals world when rumors that the new Retail and Marketing VP, Bad Brad was going to be changing the way BBP had operated.

Experts and industry analysts at the time stated that with Bad Brad taking over and changing the way franchisees did business, an increase in the already high levels of intense competition and violence that surround the industry would be evident.

BBP spokesman, Tammy Morehed, had this official comment:

Big Bob's Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to the success of its shareholders and franchisees. We're offering substantial credit reward for information on anyone operating as a franchisee who isn't an official member of the BBP family. 'Watch for the watch'. Whatever supply chain you use, an official BBP franchisee will have an official BBP briefcase AND an official watch. If they aren't - you're engaging in unauthorized commercial activity with our intellectual property. There will be penalties.

Trisha Nakamura, NCI