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image corporation dtv testcard1.png
 Tri-V Test Card seen on 2050 Season of DTV

The tradition of fighting for prestige, wealth and honor is one that goes back centuries. Once an acceptable event, the 'enlightenment' of humans in the 20th century and the move toward less violent behavior made fighting for sport an all but taboo concept. After the collapse however, a lot of things changed. From the traditions of The Kumite and the ancient gladiators of Rome, rose a new, bastardized version of one on one combat: the modern death match. It pitted combatants against each other, sometimes one on one, sometimes in teams, sometimes against exotic opponents, and always in front of a blood-hungry crowd for money. The leader in this revolutionary form of entertainment is a small underground firm known as Death Tri-V or DTV for short. Starting out as pirate broadcasts from hidden warehouses, DTV evolved into a multibillion dollar corporation, complete with sponsorship contracts, managers, their own Tri-V network and a plethora of other perks.

Now that they've revived the ancient sport of combat, modernized it for todays more 'accepting' crowds, and brought DTV to the mainstream public via Tri-V programs, advertising and skillful marketing, there's no telling what heights this new form of entertainment will rise to.

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