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Who Are They?

Big Business is what Epoch Electronics is about, and currently business is good as this Megacorp rides a wave of success thanks to its Epoch Crusader series cyberdeck. A small player when compared to such corporations as Hosaka and Titan Unlimited, Epoch still however manages to get its share of the personal cyberdeck market.

Their Software

   Telnet 90.3
   Epoch Crusader 2.7
   Epoch Chisel 7.1
   Epoch Lexicon 1.0a
   Epoch Sledgehammer 1.1
   Spider 6.0
   Epoch Shockwave 7.5
   Epoch Battleaxe 1.0
   Epoch Netradio 1.1a

Their Hardware

   Epoch Crusader

OOC Information
Sponsor Nobody
Player Membership Inactive