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Primarily a defense solutions contractor, FUCHI holds tremendous influence in the glass and steel canyons of megacorp power. Few global entities would tangle either financially or militarily with FUCHI's vast resources and draconian business strategy.

Though for most of the last decade FUCHI has been regarded as a sleeping giant due to a lack of the hostile takeovers and leveraged buyouts, FUCHI was recently reprimanded by the World Security Council for undisclosed actions somewhere in Southeast Asia. Reports indicate an escalation in FUCHI's SECteam readiness and that a quietly built stockpile of hardware and the recent purchase of a large number of assault class AV airframes and hovertanks may indicate a renewed interest in expansion after a long period of consolidation. This goes against the corporation's typical behaviour of pursuing more long term interests by influencing the political and corporate landscape through massive financial contributions and lobbying campaigns.

A concurrent change in many of the faces on the FUCHI board as well as consolidation of their SECTeam operations under a single leadership group has given rise to the speculation that a new cadre may be directing FUCHI's activities. One face in particular, John Jacobs (known to many now deceased media figures as "Heartless John") has caused some concern in anti-corporate circles as being one of the new faces. It is rumoured that this new leadership utilizes strongarm tactics, including gang insurgencies, assassinations, and blackmail, and there are unsubstantiated links to organized crime and underworld syndicates.

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