Gothix Industries

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Who Are They?

This small, local cyberdeck manufacture has been classified as the hottest source of tech on the streets. Though a rising star in the cyberdeck industry, Gothix has yet to expand its boundaries into the global economy, and remains for the most part a rogue corporation, by deckers for deckers.


   Gothix Industries MindsEye Series (1-3)
   Shadow ROM Construct
   High Density RAM Card (25 Storage) and regular RAM Cards(10)


   Gothix RepoWarez 1.0
   Gothix DataLeech 1.0
   Looking Glass 1.0
   Gothix Chainsaw
   Gothix Grind 1.0 I
   Gothix FractalArmor 1.0
   Gothix Icon N-Koder
   Gothix StealthIcon 1.0
   Gothix DeckLok v2.03
   Gothix VirusScan
   Gothix Search
   MicroNetrunner 1.0
   Gothix DeckCam Driver
   Gothix N-Krypt 1.0
   Gothix TextEdit 1.0
   Gothix Krunch 1.0
   Gothix IceScan
   Gothix ShadowDialer 1.3