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Gunshin Technologies is a megacorp on the rise, until recently one of the smaller players in the international economy. Recent breakthroughs and semi-hostile takeovers have greatly expanded its power base. Its name is derived from a Japanese term for a war spirit, pilots during WWII were often called `Gunshin'. Headquartered in one of the old areas of old Osaka, Gunshin has factories in Egypt, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, New Carthage, and throughout Central Asia. Gunshin Technologies does a brisk business in chemical, biological, and experimental weapons. Some of the top scientists in their fields work for the megacorp, their ideas of death being churned out in factories near the lab. Not too near, of course.

Most corporations buy weapons of mass destruction from Gunshin for those rare instances where one is really needed. Gunshin has also recently also started to branch out to personal weapons, from side-arms to backpack sets. Though only a rising megacorporate power, Gunshin has recently triggered a heavy boost in market speculation. Having acquired a number of RSI's best autonomous unit R&D specialists by a series of redirected clone data extractions, Gunshin has severed ties with it's once-ally and is one of the heaviest contenders. Current word on the grapevine indicates that a number of high ranking security force leaders have as well taken sudden leave from other corporations and are now working under the Gunshin umbrella. Though these types of activity often invite heavy reprisals, Gunshin corporate statements show no worry and in fact an almost manic faith in Gunshin's expanding power base. The only failure of note in Gunshin's campaign to become a major power has been the attempted kidnapping of Dr. Anderson Early from Mortius Biotechnologies. The raid, while unsuccessful, did kill the scientist's wife and drive him underground.

Arms industry specialists have been overheard speculating that Gunshin is ready to make a play for a better position on the Corporate Council in what many presume will be the sudden vacuum when RSI's final status is announced. However, many note that there will likely be heavy opposition to this move by groups such as Sanguinius Arms, Meht Neuport, and even arms industry powerhouse FUCHI.

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