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InterOrbital Operations, Incorporated has holdings in over 15 countries and 8 corporate protectorates. Publicly, they are a company committed to the safe and peaceful transportation of humankind and civilization throughout the gravity well. Their holdings include:

  • L4 Orbital Colony
  • Golden Rule Habitat
  • IO Satcom Network
  • Lunar Amalgamated Facility
  • IO Deep Space Network
  • Martian Nanotech facility
  • Helios solar power satellite
  • Sanguinius Orbital Assembly facility

InterOrbital supports a family of subsidiaries committed to furthering humanity's progress through empowering technologies and peacekeeping security products:

InterOrbital shuttles provide service to nearly every reconstructed city around the globe. InterOrbital branch offices are located in the following cities:

InterOrbital Corporate Headquarters are located on the L4 Orbital Colony

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