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Matrix International provides and maintains the consensual hallucination known as the Matrix. Considered the next logical development in communication, the matrix is a representation of commerce and data in a better than real form.

Key Income

  • Integrity of matrix backbones and data feeds.
  • Neutrality and non-combat enforcement of major backbones.
  • Connectivity of affiliated subnets to primary data feeds and backbones.
  • Physical security of backbone trunks and processors.


  • Mammoth, bureaucratic organization that controls the diverse vastness of its matrix backbone holdings.
  • Manages and administrates majority of matrix backbone networks worldwide.
  • Heavy focus on backbone matrix areas ("superhighways"); influence is minimal across smaller branches and subsystems.
  • Carefully neutral: Minimizes intervention in corporate and political conflicts.
  • Aggressively protects its assets against network disruption and maintains "non combat" policies on major gateways and routes.

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