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Meht Neuport Industries is a multinational congolomerate specializing in hybrid integrated circuitry and advanced electronics. In an effort to maximise their access to raw materials for production and manufacture, the majority of the corporation's assets are naval in nature; their main corporate centres are actually massive floating cities known as "aggregation platforms", that store, stockpile and process resources extracted from their land based holdings.

Beyond manufacture, most of M/N's efforts go towards ensuring the stability of puppet governments and provisional security agencies at resource extraction sites, protection of its sizable naval flotillas, including strike, supply, and invasion fleets, and naval supremacy and control of critical ocean chokepoints, such as the Straits of Malacca, Straits of Hormuz, Straits of Messina, Bosporus, and the Dardanelles.

Their infrastructure is primarily geared towards domination of government and regional events, with very little in the way of espionage or reconaissance capabilities. M/N typically influences regional politics with aggressive uses of military power, especially naval and amphibious operations, and obtains resource extraction rights through armed intervention and military occupation. To this end they often deploy military advisers to support alliances with various rebel or terrorist insurgency groups to destabalize governments.

As such, they enjoy a large but unstable profit margain by suppressing regions, extracting raw materials, and then moving on to neighboring areas. Such activity is undertaken primarily in poorly defended and economically depressed Third World coastal regions.

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