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The leader in biogenetic engineering, Myotech is the foremost corporate entity in the field of cloning and clone research. Its DNA storage and replication suites, commonly known as clone banks, can be found in every city across the globe as well as in the orbital habitats and offworld colonies.

Myotech patents on cloning procedures provide trillions in revenue in the form of licensing fees from such corporations as Parallel Resurrection and Mortius Biotechnologies as well as a substantial revenue from its own cloning facilities, The Clone Arrangers and Clones R Us, who specialize in cloning techniques aimed at middle and lower economic class clients respectively. Striving to insure that their services reach as large a market as possible, Myotech also fulfills contractual obligations to many multinational corporations and security forces by providing in-house cloning facilities and discounted rates for corporate clients. Rumors abound that Myotech is also a forerunner in the field of recombinant DNA and sentient biological weapons research, though Myotech representatives deny this claim.