New Carthage Security Patrol

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"Rights? Which corporation do you work for? Oh, you don't? Ha Ha, Rights." -- NCSP Enforcer


The NCSP is the corporate security division of New Carthage, its resources and missions drawn from the diverse boards of its sponsoring committee. It is tasked with keeping order and enforcing Corporate Law.

An excerpt from NCSP's Public Information Sheet titled: "NCSP: Corporate Support for Public Security"

The Corporate Security Committee (composed of selected members from each of NCSP's sponsoring corporations) selects a single Operations Supervisor to handle day-to-day security operations. The NCSP's Supervisor then hires division officers for each of NCSP's divisions, which include:

  • Enforcement
  • Investigation
  • Judicial
  • Media Relations
  • CSWAT (Cybernetic SWAT)
  • Security

In reality, NCSP is ruled by the conflicting interests of the Corporate Security Committee and often is the tool of various politics and corporate interests. Public safety is its stated mission, but in today's complex world, objectives and methods often become clouded and confused.

OOC Information
Sponsor Rain
Player Membership Active, with restrictions. Please speak to the sponsor before designing a character around this concept.

In-Game commands

 surrender to <officer>

In certain situations an NCSP officer may instruct you to surrender to them, either to escort you from the secure sector or to arrest you. Whilst compliance is optional (at least in the eyes of your character)), the surrender command will allow you to do so if you wish.