Parallel Resurrection

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 Longer Lifespans Through Superior Firepower

Parallel Resurrection is a medtech/clone service provider funded by a consortium of multinational corporations. PR's mission is to provide affordable, efficient, and prompt combat evacuation and medical treatment for the general populace. PR lawyers and contracts authorize employees to employ lethal force when responding to client distress calls. In many ways, PR is outside and above the law-- police jurisdiction over PR clients is often disputed and has resulted in more than a few firefights between the medevac AV and local law enforcement. Once PR clients have been rescued and treated, however, they are outside the company's charter and are fair game for law enforcement or extradition.

PR's New Carthage office employs a variety of specialists, including AV pilots, emergency medtechs, security/combat specialists, and mechanic/technicians. PR's local service area includes the nearby Eastern Wastes and all of the city's street grid.

PR's corporate logo is a gold-trimmed double helix, entwined around a warhammer.

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