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Founded on the premise that technology and information should be available for those that can afford it, TBO was built from the ground up to provide those goods and services to the market that needed them so desperately. Using dummy corps, and carefully controlled gangs TBO slowly carved themselves a niche in the world market of technology.

TBO began their movement into New Carthage in early 2024. They started by taking over a local gang, CHAOS, and provided them with the resources to soften their competition. Completion of the TBO building came soon afterwords and then true operations began. TBO was the first matrix superpower to locate in New Carthage, followed eventually by Gothix, and then Epoch. In their local NC facilities, programs such as Judge, and Slicer were tested and released into the market. Their research and development focused mainly on the software, implants, and the occassional weapons. Weapons tech was usually aimed towards the more traditional areas of weaponry. Guns and matrix hardware were traditionally left to the competitors.

Under the control of Flint, the local CEO, TBO grew and flourished releasing more programs and newer upgrades to those that existed. Few corporations would mess with them for fear of their business, and no individuals would do anything to endanger a TBO employee for fear of their lives. That is until RSI began to take an interest in NC.

RSI used their orbital station and military relay teams to set up house in New Carthage, and began openly contesting the power TBO claimed in New Carthage. A few months passed with the occassional squabble, and the even more rare firefight between RSI and TBO employees, until RSI levelled the local branch of TBO with their mining laser, ending TBO's hold in NC.

A few years passed, and RSI had come and gone, and come again trying to restake their claims to New Carthage. A surge of interest grew around nano-technology and the rumour that a working nano-tech implant existed inside the walls of NC. TBO sent two operatives to retrieve the implant, and remove any that knew details of the implant. So that they might monopolize the market in nanotechnology. TBO retrieved the implant, but did not gain enough information to secure their monopoly. And therefore pulled out of the city for a second time. To rebuild plans for their return.

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