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The [Cyber]Fuckers are a group of hedonistic nihilists with very strong terrorist tendencies. A small boostergang originating in NeoChicago circa 2030, the organization didn't reach New Carthage until sometime in 2035. The original leadership positions were filled by: Spitfire, Abaddon, and Axl; although Spitfire died during an unfortunate incident in Carthage, and it is believed that Axl drowned in his own vat juices, gang loyalties remain the same.

The ideals of the [Cyber]Fuckers are few and far between, but they do exist. Although mostly nihilistic, they are twisted around a strange code of loyalty which binds them together. Most [Cyber]Fuckers are considered gang members for life, and even those who successfully leave the gang without incident are extended this loyalty. Very few members, however, leave the gang without incident, in part because leaving the gang in a dry spot is considered disloyal and therefore a capital crime.

Aside from the extreme sense of loyalty that most members have, the [Cyber]Fuckers don't have anything in the way of conventional morality. Perhaps it is because of the amount of cybernetic implants so many of the members have, or perhaps it is because "birds of a feather," but the membership of the gang seems largely apathetic towards human life, if not antisocial. The membership is often quick to anger and become violent, especially in the face of an adversary.

Warning shots are few and far between.

Besides being antisocial nihilists, the organization has a tremendous focus of hedonism. Very often seen partying, doing too many drugs and drinking too much liquor, fighting to bloody-bodied unconsciousness for fun, and having exhibitionist sexual practices, the organization is by no means puritanical. The foci of these practices seems to be pleasure, pain, and where they overlap. Loud and over-the-top, they have a tendency to get noticed in the club and bar environments.

Many of which don't welcome them, anymore. With an almost charming dedication to ultra-violence, gang life, and terrorism, many [Cyber]Fucker members have gotten themselves banned from many of the local establishments. Additionally, many of the members have found themselves banned from the East Side of the city, due to overwhelming corporate criminal and terrorist charges. There remain a couple members who maintain ties to Bangkok and who have cleared their records, but, for the most part, [Cyber]Fuckers have a hard time getting through the checkpoint. Combined with the rampant disregard for law and human life, it has made the gang one of the most hated by club owners, corporate employees, and police officers alike.

Most of the [Cyber]Fuckers have strong ties to organized crime, the drug trade, and other violent criminal affiliations. They also often have strong ties to various gangs and suppliers out of NeoChicago.

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