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Raven was formed by Raine Larsen. It was a high school dream of his to help innocents. He intended it as a charitable institution, dedicated to helping newcomers to New Carthage with creds, gear, and assistance as necessary. He gathered together a few friends and acquaintances for that purpose. One night in the bar, though, he faced down several bounty hunters. After a fellow Raven, Niamh, bought off the debt, he watched his close friend killed randomly. The evening's events were a little much and he collapsed. He was arrested for vagrancy and remained MIA for several weeks.

In the interim, Niamh decided to take over Raven. She wasn't too impressed with what she'd witnessed, and thought she'd bring a tougher edge. At this point someone had scrawled graffiti in the Clone Arrangers facility, initiating a challenge to Deathguild and the Guard from Raven. She handled the PR and the ensuing conflicts, and Raven not only kept its head above the DG contracts, it flourished and added new members. Upon Raine's return, they agreed that Niamh would remain leader, and Raine would serve as founder, PR agent, and assistant. Raven did carry out many charitable acts, helping many newcomers and some old citizens. As it grew, however, people began to question what its motives truly were. Internal conflict began, with two distinct factions forming. Raine's group wanted to keep it kind and gentle. Niamh's group wanted to toughen it up and delve into areas like intelligence.

Others took an interest in the group, planting spies. Longshot joined as second-in-command by Niamh's jurisdiction, and they soon declared Raven's new direction. It was no longer the soft, kindly Raven Raine had envisioned.

Raven does help out the needy, in all its original ways. But it calls in its favors now, searching underground for rumors, gossip, and intelligence. Currently, conflicts with Artemis and IO keep its agents busy. Unofficial Ravens have allied with the group, helping its members. Niamh has appropriated the watchtower chambers in the Zones as her own Aerie, and Raven itself may move its operations there shortly.

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