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Whether for a combat edge, to treat psychological or physical wounds, drugs are there to even take that edge off stressful life in New Carthage.

Legal medicine can be bought from pharmacies. As for the good stuff, dealers might no be dealing on every corner, but there are drug runners you can get in contact with, and if that fails - certain places in the city may offer some of the illegal substances, hassle-free from a vending machine.

There are more than one way to administer narcotics - through epidermal application, syringe injection or when the heat is on and you're in the middle of a fight - through some cybernetics designed to do just that.

In the climate of New Carthage, unless properly stored drugs won't last too long once out of the bag, so be smart!

Combat Drugs

Some people can afford Cyberware, others turn to chemicals to get their edge in combat. Those who choose both are a different story... Combat drugs come in different forms, from small round patches, called "derms" to syringes and medical cyberware.

Most of those babies will be sold as color coded derms with a pharmaceutical producer's name on it, but their street name is what will get you closer to the dealers in your neighborhood.


Fashionable among bikers, street samurai. Heightens reflexes, euphoria while suppressing coordination and judgement.

Adrenaline II (Speed)

You don't care what's going on around you, because you're moving too fast for it to matter.


Highly illegal clone-tissue cell extract used by booster gangers to gain increased physical power and quickness at the expense of fine motor skills and the ability to think clearly. You would bare no regard for human life, and your sense of determination might quickly deteriorate soon after you're done with your killing spree.


Designed as a combat drug and painkiller, 'dorph for short from endorphins, reduce pain and stress effects. Boosters on ‘Dorph are what the NCSP hates most – you have to kill them just to make them stop walking and check their pass. Comes in Pink syringes, as a very potent drug which makes you aggressive and almost invincible.


Highly controlled enhancer replicates cyber-psychotic rage while boosting strength, trauma resistance, endurance. fighting with reckless abandon, incapable of noticing much of their surroundings, those in the wild rage caused by this drug wouldn't be able, nor care to execute tasks requiring fine motor skills and concentration. Pretty much all you'll see is the color red, like the derm itself.


Synthed from stolen megacorp plans distributed online, these little capsules, once chewed - quickly help you build-up endurance, toughness and a single-minded focus. As with everything created by the corporate R&D chemical labs, the Guts Capsules reduce your empathy and drive you one step closer to becoming a mindless working machine.


Slammer is a violent psychoactive used by combat troops and some totalitarian security forces. It is illegal, but widely available and popular among street samurai, gang members and anyone else who enjoys senseless violence through speed and power. Comes in blue syringes. Your local pusher should advise you that driving and operating machinery is NOT recommended while on Slammer.


Enhances speed and your ability to pay attention to the world around you at the cost of almost everything else.


Cocaine in the post apocalyptic world is produced synthetically. It is an addictive nervous system stimulant used to boost up energy levels. While you can run faster on the treadmill and pump-up more at the press bench, for the short duration of its effect, you will also NOT care to do much of anything else, but enjoy the high and forget how to spell your name.


When you fight on the ring, you dance. Contrary to common layman belief - Dancer is not taken by clubbers to make it throughout a long-night gig. It is a common smokeable amongst thugs and in underground cage fights. Dancer is smoked to boost physical strength during street holdups and help fighters last longer in the cage. Users suffer from reduced fine eye to hand coordination and sensory disorientation. Nothing too important during bloody hand to face mash fights.

Dazzle Juice

Originally created for and used by corporate assault troops, the drug's design has leaked to the black market, where it saw its adaptation for a wide spread street use. The Juice increases strength and agility, and the will to keep on going, at the expense of your ability to question authority or care for your fellow men.



An addictive drug used to calm cyberpsychosis, it's generally sold in yellow derms, but also available in or cyber-pump cartridges, that are your new best friend if you can't find a counselor to share your hatred for man kind, ease the paranoia or just try to get laid. Unfortunately Credline does its magic by being a central nervous system depressant, so it'll cost you brain cells and your ability to say "No, I will not give you all my cred and gear... Friend thug mugger, you lovely stranger."

Similar but less effective and more damaging results may be obtained from Dreamweed.

Blue 18

Highly addictive drug that enhances mental processing. A favorite of deckers and language buffs. Be wary though as Blue18 derms are the real stuff, not to be mistaken with blue syringes which have a different effect on your body.

Recreational Drugs

Stuff you use for style, for fun, to escape reality, to remember or to forget...


Not, per se, a drug so much as the delivery vehicle. Dreamweed is a high-potency relative of the humble Cannabis sativa plant, and delivers quite the kick. Fine motor control and your ability to pay attention to the world around you go right out the window, but on the other hand, you will adore the human race so much it's sick. Overdose is rumored to carry with it some very strange effects...

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD/Acid)

See the pretty colors. In fact, see the pretty colors pretty much to the exclusion of the real world around you. But who cares, man, the COLORS are so PRETTY....

Survival Enhancements

Whether you are out on an adventure, preparing to walk out live from a raid, or working as field medic -- just don't leave your home without them.


Sold in handy derms, this chemical will speed up the healing of minor wounds.

Hyper coagulin

Available in convenient green derms or cyber-pump cartridges, this chemical aids in clotting blood if your wounds are spurting uncontrollably.


Sold as white derms or cyber-pump cartridges, this potent painkiller may also have a nasty effect on your ability to get along with the human race.

Grey Derms

These contain a powerful stimulant that can get someone beaten unconscious up and on his feet again. Of course, it can also make someone's heart explode if over-used. Please use caution.


Useful in delaying or avoiding entirely the onset of traumatic shock to a patient's body. Requires precise dosing by a physician or bad things may happen.


When hypercoagulin just won't do, experienced physicians turn to bloodfoam. Laymen are well-advised to leave its use to professionals, however.