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Forum Rules

Any rules that apply in game, or may apply to the Discord server, also apply to the Forums (and vice versa).

As the forums are slightly different to the other mediums, please see the following additional rules that apply to them. Some of these apply everywhere but are specifically repeated here for clarity.

For the purposes of these rules, 'posts' 'messages' etc refer to both creating a new topic as well as responding to an existing one, including your own.

What the forums ARE for:

  • Announcements regarding updates and changes to the game, its coded systems etc. This is your primary (and for some changes, ONLY) source of news regarding updates to the game.
  • Sharing @ideas in an open forum, sharing logs and an off-topic area for Cybersphere's players to discuss things unrelated to the game
  • Open communication in a useful and polite way. We don't want to be policing the forums, and we also don't want to be dealing with people being dickish to each other or in general.

What you should NOT do on the forums:

  • Flaming, harassing or otherwise 'badgering' other players. - Do not use the forum as a means to post hostile or insulting messages directed at other users (or generally, anyone) for any reason, including but not limited to: Their personal views, previous posts / comments / ideas, etc. You're welcome to openly disagree or debate but be polite about it.
  • Trolling - Specifically posting 'bait' messages that are usually of a controversial or disturbing nature, including things intended to anger participants and administrators of the game. If you've got a social death wish maybe have your character play in traffic in front of an audience instead.
  • Useless or unconstructive posts - Posting comments, passive aggressive remarks, or otherwise making a post that is short and useless should not be done, especially in the 'Game Related' forum section. If you have an opinion or something to share then you should actually say it or not post at all.
  • Reply to old, inactive threads or 'Necro'ing' - Please be mindful of old topics and threads, check when their last activity was (the most recent post) and if they haven't been posted to for more than a month do NOT revive the thread by making a new post on it, the conversation is over, move on. This becomes more of an issue the more threads a user resurrects, and the older those threads are as it clogs up the board activity. NOTE: This rule is more lenient for the 'Off Topic' section of the board as old topics can be brought back occasionally.