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Security pods come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a simple rig of an automated machine gun on a tripod, to larger scale anti-everything security platforms. The larger of these can even contain personnel and highly sophisticated computer systems capable of facial recognition at extreme distances while also being able to accurately introduce a munition into said recognised face.

Gunshin Technologies provide the latest and greatest in consumer grade automated weapons systems with a variety of applications:

  • GT-101 Autoweapon System: Designed as a manual security system, the GT-101 provides a mounting platform for light arms connected directly to a targeting computer system. It can be activated manually to attack a specified target, or all unauthorised targets in the area.
  • GX-128 Autodefender System: Designed as an active defense and area denial weapons system, the GX-128 builds upon it's predecessor by providing the additional functionality of active perimeter defense and area denial capabilities, while keeping the GT-101's aggression response and manual functionalities depending on requirements.
  • Defense Control Terminal: To simplify management of complex security systems, installation of a control terminal may be required. This enables management of many individual security elements from a singule command console.

Basic usage:

All systems must be placed on the ground and *locked* in their moorings before they will be fully functional. (NOTE: Some areas do not permit mooring at all. Space limitations in rooms also apply). They must also be *unlocked* in order to be picked up and moved.

  • `lock <pod>` - Locks the weapons system to the ground to enable activation.
  • `unlock <pod>` - Unlocks the weapons system from the ground, deactivating it and permitting it to be moved.
  • `install <weapon> on <pod> - Install the chosen weapon on to the security pod. (Requires a mechanic)
  • `uninstall <weapon> from <pod> - Remove the installed weapon from the security pod. (Requires a mechanic)
  • `reload <pod> with <ammo> - Refill the ammunition bins of the security pod. (Must be appropriate ammunition)
  • ACTIVATE -- `press activate on <pod>` - Turns the security pod 'on'
  • DEACTIVATE -- `press deactivate on <pod>` - Turns the security pod 'off'
  • ADDUSER -- `press adduser on <pod>` - Add a new user to the authorisation list. They must be in the room for the system to scan their biometrics.
  • REMUSER -- `press remuser on <pod>` - Remove a user from the authorisation list. They do not need to be in the room for this.
  • LIST -- `press list on <pod>` - Output a list of currently authorised users.
  • STATUS -- `press status on <pod>` - Output full details of the system including current lock status, mounted weapon, ammunition, armour and systems integrity, ownership and authorised users.

WARNING These options can be irrevocable, make sure you are using them deliberately, and can only be activated by the existing owner of the security system.

  • NEWOWNER -- `press newowner on <pod>` - Will change ownership of the system to a selected person in the room.
  • CLEAROWNER -- `press clearowner on <pod>` - Will reset the ownership EEPROM's to factory, the next user to interact with the keypad will become the new owner, no matter who it is.

Advanced usage: only available on defender models. When a mode is set it will be remembered through 'ACTIVATE' and 'DEACTIVATE' commands until a new mode is set.

  • DEFEND -- `press defend on <pod>` - Set the system to defend mode after inputting a person or vehicle name
  • PERIMETER -- `press perimeter on <pod>` - Sets the system to perimeter mode, automatically attacking *ANY* persons or vehicles NOT on the authorisation list