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Advanced Chargen has the same stats, skills, advantages, and requirements of Standard, but asks you to demonstrate some roleplaying and creative writing skills. Your character is expected to be well developed, rich, and interesting. In return for your effort, the character is given expanded game options and support. While your ranks of stats and skills may not be higher than a Standard character, a well-crafted Advanced character will have more influence, resources, and support at their disposal.

Players who wish to have a Tier III character must demonstrate the following:

  • A clear and concise understanding of the rules, theme and world history of CyberSphere. A detailed background and personality for their character and a willingness to play within those constraints regardless of any adverse effects their character may suffer as a result.
  • The understanding that actions counter to your character's history, character type and IC role that are observed in the IC world will be treated initially with extreme IC prejudice and eventually, extreme OOC prejudice.
  • The ability to refrain from creating "stereotype" characters, characters geared toward power-gaming and characters who inevitably find their way to the same group of OOC friends repeatedly.
  • RESPECT for CyberSphere as a community. If you don't treat our game the way we expect you to, you won't be invited back to play.

Tier III character applications will be denied if they do not conform to the following guidelines:

  • All characters will have a well written description, complete nudity messages as well as @details where applicable and clothing before being approved.
  • Character backgrounds will be consistent with CyberSphere's theme, world history and timeline. (Obvious failure to research and understand this will result in denial)
  • Character histories must be detailed and in depth. All of the suggested areas of detail for the Standard / Tier II chargen system are mandatory for Tier III. You should be painting a picture of 'the life and times' of your character, so to speak.
  • A SEPARATE clear and concise summation at the end of the character history in regards to the character's concept, basic archetypes or role, personality traits/flaws, friends/enemies, outstanding debts, life-shaping events MUST be included. This should be in easily summarised dot points. NOTE: Failure to include these details is an instant disapproval
  • Public history files and documents that will be contained in the In Character (IC) world are a required part of your character application and MUST contain proper spelling, grammar and punctuation as well as ANY details 'big brother' will have gleaned of your character in their life.
  • All stats, skills and advantages/disadvantages chosen must be INDIVIDUALLY justified in the characters biography to the Game Master's satisfaction in the character application.
  • Overused character concepts (vat grown killers, renegade super-hackers) will be denied without a second thought. Overdone (RSI, Neo-Chicago) locations, entities, etc will not help your application.
  • Tier III characters will be held to the highest standards of quality both during the application process and after admittance into the IC world. If it takes weeks to get approved, so be it. If you cannot IC-ly act within the confines of the character you have created, your Tier III character will be taken away and you will no longer be allowed admittance to Tier III chargen.
  • You should be careful that you fix any issues in your submission before submitting again as three disapprovals will result in you being demoted to Standard. We should NOT be required to explain every little detail of a submission failure as part of Tier III requirement is that you do not require hand-holding and can think things out for yourselves.