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The result of a controversial merger between the Nipponese Kurita Cartel and Hillman Amalgamated Industries in late 2026, the K-H multinational is a juggernaut of natural resource exploitation. Its holdings are scattered all over the globe, with several divisions focused on fossil fuel reclamation and strip mining in the Sahara. Precious metals, ores, gemstones, and refined fuels are part and parcel of K-H's lifeblood. With several arch-rivals in the race for Earth's limited remaining natural resources, K-H's security and assault teams are always on alert and typically fight four to five high intensity conflicts each fiscal year.

In early 2048, an unprecedented incident resulted in the entire Kurita Hillman board being killed. There have been no reports of any new board members being appointed, nor have there been any indications that any C-level executives even exist in the corporation anymore; somehow, though, the corporation is continuing to operate and even flourish. Reports indicate that Kurita Hillman are conducting daily shuttle launches and are currently involved in heavy construction within their orbital umbrella.

[-] [1320]---From: Network 23 at Thu Mar  1  7:04am 2048---
[-] Subj: Kurita Hillman board decimated.
[-] In what seems to be an organised strike at the head of Kurita Hillman
[-]  International, reports are surfacing that every single member of the
[-]  Kurita Hillman board of directors has died, killed in isolated
[-]  incidents that appear to have happened simultaneously around the
[-]  globe.
[-] Whilst details are still filtering in, early reports indicate that
[-]  each death was permanent, though the circumstances of each appear to
[-]  vary wildly; the causes so far known have been given as aerodyne
[-]  crash, assassination, autoerotic asphyxiation and elevator mishap.
[-]  The deaths all coincided with massive data breaches in Myotech,
[-]  Parallel Resurrection and other cloning facilities worldwide,
[-]  leading analysts to suspect a global conspiracy to destablise the
[-]  corporate juggernaut.
[-] At this time, no other corporate entities have claimed responsibility,
[-]  though doubtless many will attempt to seize an advantage in this
[-]  time of uncertainty. No Kurita Hillman International spokesperson
[-]  was available for comment at this time.
[-] N23/FNN.
[-] -------