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 "This membership also gives you an affiliation with the top secret Deathguild group!  For more information, contact your local representitive." -- Welcome commail from Deathguild Sweet Dreams(TM) terminal

Specific origins of the organization known as the "Deathguild" are hard to pin down. With the commercial success of Death Tri-V's acquisition of the brand, the waters have only been muddied further. However, before its corporate legitimacy, the Deathguild was a group of loosely associated professional sicarios and assassins with little in the way of scruples or political or ideological attachment. The contract was what drove them - posted on one of the humble SweetDream(tm) terminals that seemed to pop up in strange places mysteriously. Whispers and rumors, usually quashed, speak of an ancient death cult that infiltrated key positions of power and influence until legitimacy could be claimed via corporate status. Or maybe thats just a marketing rumor produced for the screamsheets by DTV's marketing people. Hard to say. What is indisputable, though, is that Deathguild members still provide contract services for the highest bidder. No questions asked. DTV might even broadcast the kill for a live at-home audience.

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