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The Digital Underground were forged in the wake of chaotic New Carthage, when a new age of conflict emerged.

Backed by the lies of the forced media puppets, and threatened only by the undermined neutrality of most groups in the city, the corporate factions of New Carthage are unchecked. Countless gangs have risen and fallen, either becoming a part of the problem or fading away after only a short time. As a result, an underground information network has formed in the only truly free area of NewC. Rumored to be comprised of numerous individuals from various factions and groups, their goal is to keep an eye on the inner workings of the corporate world of NC and to use the information they gather to undermine those that have stepped out of bounds. At the same time, they have made it their business to keep the local gangs and groups in check, attempting to achieve a balance where none can truly exist. All in all, their actions have ranged from anonymous information posting, to media bashing, hacking, vandalism, corporate sabotage, and even acts of corporate terrorism.

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