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Les Sauveurs, founded in 2051, is a charity organization operating westside. Although the founder of the organization is notoriously unstable on occasion and blacklisted from the corporate sector, Les Sauveurs still strives to provide newcomers to the city with adequate gear, weapons, important information and wisdom such as where to find jobs and what places to avoid, and even monetary assistance for cloning and other such necessities.

In January of 2053, LS opened up their official headquarters on Midtown, intended a as a place of sanctuary for new and old citizens alike, with such amenities as a soup kitchen and sleeping cubes. The organization claims to be run purely out of pocket and not for profit, although some remain who still doubt the apparent selflessness of their cause.

Anyone new to the city and/or in need of assistance, contact Audrey Anoa’i (founder) or Kamekona Anoa’i (co-director).

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