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'By the Citizens, For the Citizens' were the words that New Carthage PeaceKeepers were founded on. Some viewed the NCPK as a group of vigilantes, attempting to make New Carthage a better place, others as a necessary stop gap to aid the downtrodden populace of the west side. The PeaceKeeper's main focus was ostensibly to help the Citizens of New Carthage, by ridding the streets of gangs and other violent riff-raff, while attempting to keep casualties at a minimum. The tasks of the PeaceKeepers varied from breaking up riots on the west side of the Wall, to the rescue of a citizen being mugged by a group of gangers.

In early 2030 the NCPK officially became a franchise of NeoTokyo PeaceKeepers International, itself a subsidiary of BMC, a small corporation specialising in the supply of policing equipment and vehicles. This sponsorship was given with the unspoken aim of swinging favour away from the NCSP as the source of corporate policing. Ultimately, this bloodless coup failed, and the NCPK presence in New Carthage officially ended in 2033, when sponsorship was withdrawn. The fall of the NCPK did give rise to a resurgence in public funding for the NCPD, as the citizens recognised the need for a more formal police force to be reinstated that was not entirely under the control of the corporate security council.

Since that time the NCPK offices in New Carthage's Hitachi Commerce Centre have been mothballed, although the name has been claimed by various vigilante groups.

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