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Before zero-day, the Russian Mafia had a strong presence in North America as it had on all continents in its hay-day. With the nuclear holocaust however things changed. Only several decades after the Neo-Communist party in Russia had managed to reestablish its control over the reignited Russian economy and politics, Ivan Pushkin, the Pakhan (head) of the Russian mafia in the Moscow Arcology had managed to expand his operations and establish a foothold in North America back again.

The Business

The Bratva (Brotherhood), backed up financially by The Kombinat Collective, is a small criminal enterprise whose front is a red-lights club set-up in the heart of the industrial district in New Carthage. It's least important income is from human trafficking; Girls from eastern Europe are lured into thinking they'll become Tri-V models in America, while in reality they end up enslaved as prostitutes for those who can afford the Slavic looks for their fetish tastes.

Drugs trafficking, extortion and porn are the real bread, butter and jam of the organization's main income. Those who prove themselves worthy, might move up the hierarchy to do the dirty wetwork.

The Hierarchy

  • Pakhan - The Boss or Krestnii Otets (Godfather) - the one who controls everything from the Moscow Arcology beyond the reach of anyone but his two spies.
  • Two Spies - They watch over the action of the brigadiers to ensure loyalty and none become too powerful. Those are Sovietnik (Support Group) and Obshchak (Security Group)
    • Sovietnik - (Councilor) - The adviser and most close trusted individual in New Carthage for Pushkin.
    • Obshchak - The bookmaker, he simply collects all money from Brigadiers and bribes the government.
  • Brigadier – or Avtorityet (Authority) is the captain in charge. He gives out jobs to Boyeviks (warriors) and pays tribute to The Pakhan. The Brigadier runs a crew which is called a Bratva (Brigade, Brotherhood), made up of Boyeviks and Shestyorkas.
  • Boyevik - literally "warrior" is anyone who works for a Brigadier having a special criminal activity to run, similar to soldiers in Italian-American Mafia crime families. A Boyevik is in charge of finding new guys and paying tribute up to his Brigadier. Boyevik is also the main strike force of a brigade (bratva).
    • Kryshas - literally "roofs", "covers". Those are extremely violent "enforcers" as well as cunning individuals. Such enforcers are often employed to protect a business from other criminal organizations.
    • Torpedo – Basically the "Contract killer" role.
    • Byki - bodyguards (literally: bulls).
  • Shestyorka - Aalso called the "sixth", similar to associates in Italian-American Mafia crime families. This is the errand boy and the lowest rank. The sixthes are assigned to some Avtorityets for support. They also provide an intelligence for the upcoming operation or on a certain target. At that rank, most usually stay out of the main actions, although there might be exceptions, depending on circumstances. During an operation, Shestyorkas perform security functions standing on the look out for danger. As sixth earn respect and trust in the Bratva they may raise to either a Boyevik or Byk depending on the necessities and patronage of the Brigadier or Avtorityet.

(footnote: Etymology of shestyorka word comes from the lowest rank of 36 playing card deck - sixes.)

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