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The Technocracy is a mysterious underground organization, believed by most rational citizens not to exist. Those who live in dark alleys under cardboard strips, those who ply their wares at the busy street corners of downtown New Carthage, they are the ones who mock the rumors the least.

The rumours involve various shadowy figures, experimenting with implants that even the heartless, coldblooded megacorporations would not dare insert into a living body. The darker whisperings even mention how unwilling the test subjects are. Those hobos who are slow, unable to find a hiding place, and still with most of their major limbs are usually the ones taken away. Or the naive who arrive in New Carthage off a shuttle, not knowing better, like a child accepting candy from a stranger. The Brethren of the Fallen, a group of heavily-cybered goth punks, assist the Technocracy in finding subjects when the pickings are slim.

One would ask how such a group would fund their operations, but it seems that corpses containing cyberware are carted off before the medwagons can arrive on the scene... And someone supplies the illicit black markets of Nirvana.... Rumors of the group started in Bangkok, but have been restricted to New Carthage as of late.

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