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Local Women's Organization Under Financial Investigation
Closes Its Doors

The New Carthage-based outreach program known as 'Violent Femmes' will be closing its doors.   This event stems from a month long investigation on the part of the city of New Carthage that has cited tax evasion,  record doctoring and gross mismanagement as the reasons for the building's foreclosure. The group, which has had a presence in New Carthage for more than four years, was begun as a way of reaching out to local women who needed various forms of assistance.

There were some major discrepancies in their financial records as well as the fact that the property taxes on the  building have not been paid in the last two years, cited Dennis Kilbach, a city spokesperson.   We felt it only prudent that city respond the same way we have responded to other building squatters- they pay or we bar their use of the building.
VF could not be reached for official comment.  One member, identifying themselves only as senior figure in the group, was quoted as saying, I think the time has come to move on.   Its unfortunate but its time.  As such, VF as an organization is officially dissolved.

Although the future of the VF building remains unclear sources close to the city report that it will go up for general  auction to the highest bidder in the near future.

For Network 23, this is Anthony D'Aulerio, reporting.

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