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The Yakuza is collection of Syndicates, businesses, and Families that consort through the blackmarket and underworld to build empires and enterprises of extreme utility, wealth, and power. They are a huge semi-legitimate organization in Japan, recognized as a legal corporation by the more or less defunct Japanese Government in 2015. In the Former United States, however, their business enterprise and continuing criminal conduct is duly noted not only as illegal, but wholly and undeniably so. Since their Syndicates are modelled slightly after the modernized idea of a corporation, however, they've had an incredible success in getting along with their corporate oppressors.

This is especially true in New Carthage. The Yakuza own several clubs, bars, and houses around New Carthage, and members of the Koboyashi clan even participate actively in prominent business cabals and corporate interests. The Pleasure Dome, one of their key enterprises for its prostitution ring and martial arts training arena, houses Mr. Koboyashi himself -- the man in charge of the New Carthage Syndicate. Oyabun, is the common slang. Enforcers, paper runners, and even full members of the Yakuza all come to Koboyashi for the final word on a subject...and to get paid.

The Business

Competing with The Mob over territory, business, and entrepreneurial opportunities, the Yakuza often comes in conflict with The Family Next door (so to speak). Often Mr. Koboyashi will ask his people to kill competing Mafioso agents, or to go after heads of even the Enforcer's close friends. More likely, however, he tells early recruits to deliver a few valuable packages across the city, or to murder Kingpin and Janya...criminal employers who have a nasty habit of forgetting the favors done to them in the past.

Occasionally Mr. Koboyashi will have some rather unique jobs to hand out, protecting his interests in pornography, prostitution, and murder. And once in a while a full-out war has been had between the Family and the Syndicate, in which many lives were lost over another black line in the books.

These are things to expect and even celebrate in the dark world of the Yakuza, where nothing is sacred...let alone your pinkies.

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