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The Syndrome

A proud member of the Holdings(Borne) LLC family of businesses, the Syn is a burning torch attracting dead and dying, hustler and fixer, moth-like, to its flame of familiarity and neutral ground. Once the centerpiece of life in New Carthage, this dive-in bar has seen its heydey, but still struggles for a vestige of its former glory. The bustle of downtown and biz is all around, on the streets and in the air.


A Cafeteria with a courtyard is the first place people entering with city from the corporate sector can see. It's a rather modest venue attracting the poetic by heart and allowing its patrons to step up on stage and recite their rhymes or play a guitar, while very few tables are taken, far and between, by the eccentric few willing to listen or those just passing time behind a news facsimile spending an hour in New Carthage between their IO flights.

Club XS

Located in the very heart of the city's club district, XS caters to the whims and fetishes of Midtown's skin sculptors and biofreaks. Local gang wars and turf battles put it smack in the epicenter of trouble at times, but most of the regulars don't care-- in fact, some ask for more.

Blacklight 90

Retro and hip at the same time, BL90's reputation as a dance club and watering hole are brighter than neon on the city's north side. Located in the heart of New Carthage's decaying warehouse district, this club is far from the bustle of downtown and probably the hottest spot these days.

Devil's Reef

Nirvana is usually the place avoided by most, but the very mystique-oriented and wasteland nomads. Devil's Reef is a nautical themed tavern located just northwest in the city, on the very beach. Creepy things are happening at the Devil's Reef and the place is soaked with the scent of sex, drugs and blood.

'The Boardroom' Gentlemen's Club

Girls and drinks, poker games and an upstairs hotel - everything a gentleman would ever need - packaged in a pre-zero day strip club design. Located on North Hitachi, the Gentleman's Club is a recent addition on the bar-crawling map of New Carthage.

The Slaughterhouse

The Slaughterhouse has a simple menu with just the basics and attracts a crowd of a generally dubious nature. The caged-fights audience is mainly made-up of goths, low-life wannabe thugs and late night-shift dock workers. The venue is located in The Zones, offers bikers a parking lot, and prides itself with a private members-only VIP lounge.

The Pit

The Pit offers entertainment to outcasts living outside the law, down in forgotten Old City. The place is rundown; think graffiti covered walls and bullet holes. Spent shell casings and an Arena for brawls and "second"-less duels.

The Last Exit

The deckers' hangout has seen better days, but a loyal clientele keeps it alive. You'll see the odd meatjob dropping by here from time to time, looking to run realtime for decker who'd rather not venture out into the light of day (or night). Stolen multinational corporations' data on RAMcards and Russian ICE-breaking viruses change hands under the table here, and matrix jockeys bloat about deciphering the lock at Kensai's node. Near the Last Exit is the ragged, bitter end of the city, the southern border that collapses into ruins beyond.


The view from the last floor of a sky-scraper is usually reserved to corporate executives and their pilots. But not in Spitfire. On top of the Kensington building, behind the Money Wall in the corporate side of the city, is an exclusive club offering world-class entertainment for its rich and wealthy guests. From the leather seat of your private hovercraft, right to your reserved VIP table with a cold Martini waiting for you. Enjoy!