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Public Housing

Accommodating the masses of New Carthage, right in the heart of ganger territory. At least two groups are fighting a turf war here that's lasted so long it has become a way of life. Downtown is just a few blocks away, but it might as well be across the continent -- this is a battlefield, and the Public Housing complex is its front line.


In the dead silence of Kyu-Do Hill where mostly ruins and abandoned buildings remain, a single high-rising apartment complex cuts through the darkness with a sparkle of desolate life. Welfare families, sketchy gangs and those rejected by society share their misery under the same poorly managed Russian building's roof. Rent is low, and so are the living conditions; next to none.


Just a stone-throw away from Warnov, Karpov is Russian investment at its best. Unlike its twin tower Warnov across the street, Karpov has raised the bar on security, if not cleanliness. Set at the border between the busy city and silent Zones, it provides shelter to loners down on their luck, unemployed mercenaries and the occasional slit-eye criminal.


Near the docks and warehouses industrial district of New Carthage is the Shangri-La apartments complex. Security here is tightened, and the Pirates gang outside will give you less trouble if you stay out of their way. People think they can live forever in Shangri-La, while in reality life there's too good and some just jump off the roof.


The cream of west-side’s society and some corporate executives' preferred choice for short or long-term stay. Set in the heart of the club district it provides the highest standard of security for its tenants, coupled with rooms that come with standard kitchen appliances, modern furniture and a stunning, sound and bullet proof city view.


Right in the heart of the city, next to major traffic hubs, and in the midst of entertainment venues and shopping centers, The Armitage Apartments offers its residents affordable luxury at a competitive price. With controlled access and security rating next to Securi-Tech's - only a selected few can boast to enjoy one of the four exclusive rooms.


East of the Money Wall, in the Corporate Sector luxury is at its best. On a busy street, the Matsumi building offers corporate executives the trendy mix of office and living spaces for rent. Whether you are in the city for a boardroom meeting, for a week-long business trip or here to stay, Matsumi gives you the sterile and comfortable environment that your stature demands.