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In the aftermath of nuclear war and environmental disasters, civilization is shattered, and has only been reassembled in small pockets around the globe. The majority of the world's once-crowded landmasses are barren and lawless. Only a few shining concentrations of wealth and power remain, and in their urban shadows, desperate masses struggle to survive...

Asian Pacific Rim


Superpower on the rise. Plentiful natural resources.

South East Asia

Booming infotech economies and sprawling city-states. Cybernetic black markets.


Economic woes have crippled the government. Yakuza families step in to fund public services.

NeoTokyo is served by InterOrbital shuttles.

Bangkok, Thailand

This city has evolved into a megacorporate haven and a center of trade and stability in Asia's sprawling ruin. Its primary exports are cybernetic parts and mass-produced luxuries. Its dark underside, however, embraces illegal cyberware and commercialized sex industries. Buried deep in its Katamanja and Patpong districts, trade organizations like the Bangkok Importers Guild and Yamashiro Clan oversee massive export operations all over the globe. Postwar Bangkok has become a clearinghouse of barely-legal goods and a magnet for money and power.

Bangkok is serviced by InterOrbital shuttles.


In 2025 the Neo-Communist Kombinat Party emerged from massive civil wars in Russia as the victorious power. Capitalism was spurned as many Russian states returned to Soviet ways and dream of recapturing past superpower status. The Kombinat Collective is a heavy arms dealing subsidiary of the NeoCommunist party ruling in Russia and a financial backer for the Russian Crime Syndicate's operations in New Carthage. There is no requirement of being part of the criminal organization to trade with the Kombinat party, but you still have to know faces, names, and speak at least conversational level of Russian.

Moscow has been converted into an arcology.

The arcology is served by InterOrbital shuttles.


London/Manchester, United Kingdom

Following Zero day, most of the UK is little more than scorched wasteland. The population is concentrated mainly in London and Manchester, the two cities which corporate investment went into restoring. Both cities have heavily fortified centres, dominated by corporate arcologies and towers, protected by CorpSec and the UK military and are linked by a high-speed monorail link known as the LMML. Surrounding that are cramped housing and commercial districts, policed to a much lesser degree. Sprawling beyond that, outside the outer walls are millions of shacks, tents and huts forming a vast shanty town encircling the entire city.

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London, Bonn, Paris, and Kiev are served by InterOrbital shuttles.

North America

Once the world's last superpower, the United States of America are no more. Economic turmoil and societal uphevals have broken the US into a patchwork of squabbling territories and corporate city-states. Urban civilization is centered on the east and west coasts in two narrow ribbons of struggling humanity. The central continent is an arid wasteland, full of abandoned treasures and lurking horrors.

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