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flow -- here; there; depart; r-o-ll-ll-ll-ll-ll with it; time wasting; continuation; note to self; update, avante; end; lead us not into; cut; drink; chew; hunger; fading fucking reminder; tell me; change of music, musician; lyrical flow, different to this; muse; think on that; scenting from below; approaching meal; painful seat; need to drink, feed fight fuck; see me; i'm you; you're me; i express what you cannot; deal with it, kid; and you know you want it; hatred like a river; make your own sense of our words; flow; live; and that's the way the world ends, i guess; not with a whimper, not with a bang, just nothing; put on a good show; no; break++; random sounds; amusement++; animosity; anathema; random words, together making poetry; or nothingness; what was first becomes last, forges new links, takes new meaning; means nothing in the end; shitting bats; ignorance is bliss, as i'll say again; feel the pain, the lack of pain, the analgesic; emptiness; disbelief; finality; reflow; redesign the organised; angels; solo; peaking; dream; unto more; homoerotic stud; homereactor stop; need it; live it; can you evolve; you can; feel mistaken; mess; all over; lack of floor; But yet 55 ; boredom prevails; as ever; devour(); for living; break--; explanation here; and wings unfurl; evolve; evolve lest ye be left behind; yeah; lax; rand(); once upon a time; read it without; time to flow; feel the warmth inside your whole; terrible drunken state; hypodermic synthetic anaesthasia; pain analogue; bitten by a snake; heart/mind/body/soul; 55 leather; plastic movement; twinkle; smile; laugh anew; tears streaming down your face; outpouring of thoughts into coherence, here, but not meant to last long; not meant to last long at all, in fact, soon hidden in the morass, the emptiness; driven into nothing; see this; it's gone before you register; show me how; back then i couldn't do the things that i can do now; snowing; dark outside, cold; biting wind; streetlight; telephone, coarse tones; answer; grey would be the colour; depression, again; anew; feel aggrieved; some sort of art; run, run, run, run; feed fight fuck; breathe; evolution; believe that this is your life; know it is; we care, oh we care; convey that; depart; reversed order; nonsensical; no order; despise; look right; clever reminder; fading fucking reminder; my memory; ringing in my ears; sex; drugs; and completion; lies; and there's the rub; they're watching; fall; meaning there; i'll do the cross thing; read this in order; easy; split words, split phrases; belief-; dance with me; dance, bitch; dance; burger; mmm, burger; meat; always; seperate the users from the whores; and you know that this is it; breathe; burn; and this is the way that this day ends; end it all; remember the start; here; meat; count; counter; working; back(again); less than 1% reminder:-- noctu waits; exhale; plastic; sudden tone, buzz; vibration; metal; glow; new world order; dye; dye; die; spit; spit; spit; broken; now be fixed; kill; meat; devour; 15% laziness; need it; music gone; smile; tea; anti-animosity; and so here we go; and finally 5% ; again; feedfightfuck; exeunt; gone; random; stream of consciousness; flow; feed us; randomise; With 55%; die; end; don't you love me, children; don't you dare; et al; the sum of collected memories, abstract thought processes, random electrical impulses. god's will, pure chance, pure thought; whatever. we are what we are, each and every one of us the same; shells for life, movement, feeding, fighting, fucking, animalia. touch upon this, sit back, think; brood. explore, travel, return; brood. realise that you don't matter in the scheme of things; self esteem subtracted, useless. become self aware; realistic goals, don't conform. why conform? outside pressure, moving in upon you. reflections on glass; slay; begin(); feelgood factor (increase); sunday again; drown; tilt your head back; open your mouth wide; fill your lungs; split things down enough; return; creation_defined; dog; continuation; sense of loss; distance; depression; not doing anything much of anything much of anything or anything; and enjoying it; need an easier way to add; must write; yet cannot, easier way to create a muse, find my muse; someone to whisper in my ear in the darkness, informative; scour the electronic wilderness for inspiration, find only vapid, useless talk; unenlightened masses, useless to believe; useless to behold; swaying popular opinion by being herded like cattle; fuck me; stupidity should be punishable by death; taxi drivers that drive like lunatics; crutches, clicking; queues; herds; swarms; collective mentality of a kleptomanic two year old twin; look happy, kids; while(1) { die(); }; enjoy it whilst it lasts; the drugs decide; watch the babble; false architecture; false art; go; attempt/no/tempt/work/fail; chuckle; smile; laugh; breathe; live; welcome to the new reality; and laugh as realisation comes; meaning; life; love; and noise to nothingness; paint yourself; this is a maxim for life; self esteem; abandonment; silence; required; impending examination; pending acceptance; denial; embrace me; believe in the nonexistent;