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7. Rule Enforcement

It is the duty of the administration to penalise players who cannot or will not abide by the rules that have been set forth. It is hoped in this way that everyone will be willing to play by the rules that have been set forth, and a more enjoyable environment will result for everybody.

7A. Enforcement methods

Depending on the severity of the infraction, the administration and wizards have several options available to them. Minor infractions may result in a verbal warning at that time. More serious or continued infractions have other options such as being put in an OOC cell for a period of time, access to a character being temporarily revoked through @newting, or the player being permanently removed from the game by way of @toad`ing.

Other options are available as well -- removal of equipment acquired through means that they should not be able to acquire, logical IC consequences for actions affecting the IC world, removing the ability to post to certain boards or alter the wiki, forbidding contact between certain players, and others as the administration and wizards see fit to resolve the situation if the player or players involved are unwilling to do so.

7B. Reasonable progression of punishment

Applying corrective actions to players who violate rules must follow a reasonable progression from warnings to penalties, and finally, to restriction of gameplay. Players must be given a reasonable chance to correct themselves before (in the most severe cases) being removed from the game. All punitive actions that are taken are noted on player accounts. If a problem is severe enough that it has caused a player to be removed from the game, that player will not be welcome to play here in the future without notifying staff beforehand and receiving explicit permission to return.

7C. Illegal Activity

Any and all illegal activities that are coordinated on or taken against Cybersphere or our sponsors at Netsville are expressly forbidden. Such offences can result in immediate suspension of your privilege to play on this game as well as notification of the appropriate authorities and criminal prosecution.

7D. Administrative decisions and 'Answer Shopping'

The administration discuss issues brought to them with each other, often coming to a consensus prior to providing a response (or most times, referring to a previously decision for the same situation).

Speaking privately to an individual administrator and then trying the same thing with a different one if you do not like the answer will not work because of the above, and if the admin are extremely busy and it appears that it 'does work' it will quickly be rectified once we've had time to catch up.

As a result of this, issues should be raised with the administration as a whole via the complaints system so that it can be guaranteed to be seen by all of us, and responded to by all of us, as 'shopping for the answer you want' is becoming more regular and is viewed poorly by all of us.