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Repairing a dented fender, installing armor plating, hooking up a vehicle weapon, inspecting an explosive warhead.

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Associated Commands

Commands require the relevant tools and usually require access to complex machinery only found in a garage or repair bay. Mechanics can repair a range of complex machinery including motorcycles, ground vehicles, air vehicles and weapons pods.

The success of your work will depend on the complexity of the task, your characters capabilities, the quality of toolkit available, and the quality of the facility you are operating in. You can gauge the quality of a facility you are standing in by using inspect here with more advanced facilities having a wider range of machinery available.

repair/fix <vehicle> -- Attempts to knock out basic dents in the body work and perform maintenance.
repair/fix <vehicle> with <part> -- More severe damage requires replacement engine parts or basic body panels.
install <system> on <vehicle> -- Attempts to install a component or system onto the vehicle.
uninstall/deinstall/remove <system> from <vehicle> -- Attempts to uninstall a component or system from the vehicle.
reload/load <vehicle> with <ammo> -- Loads an ammunition belt or other heavy ammunition into the mounted weapons system.

NOTE: Components or systems involving complex circuitry instead require the electronics skill.

For additional information see this mechanics guide

Associated Advantages


help engineering