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Custom clone bodies have been engineered by prominent corporations, and underground organizations alike, offered to the masses who are searching for that little bit of eugenics and designer genetics for their daily needs.

The following list is not exhaustive, as there are types of designer genetics and custom clone bodies that can be found once inside the virtuality of a cloning services provider. The list below consists of the most common, or rather, commonly available bodies at the various cloners from gritty downtown New Carthage to the offworld L4

Standard Human Body

Your standard everyday human body, taken from one of the many dead donors on the street and regenerated to full health, or simply vat grown from tissue and bone, complete with organs and complex cell systems.

Myotech SportsBody

Designed for the athlete that needs to be faster than the rest, this body will both improve your ability to see something coming and your ability to get out of the way. Side effects may include weakness, muscle fatigue, and poor hand-eye coordination.

Toltec Labs Recreational Body

This groovy body can generate its own synthetic THC. You never have to be sober again! Of course, Toltec's development team has an odd sense of humor, so while you don't have to be sober, you do have to be Jamaican.

Mortius Medclone

An offering from Mortius for the discerning medical professional who doesn't need combat skills, this body improves hand-eye coordination and surgical proficiency. The downside is weakness, fatigue, and general slowing down.

Gunshin Armored Body System

Just the thing when you regularly charge into a hail of bullets. Gunshin has provided today's solo with a body that provides higher bone density, tougher skin, and incorporated nanite healing technology. The downside is that the increased mass is going to slow you down, but who needs to dodge when you're this tough?

Rising Sun Phoenix

The collapse of Rising Sun Industries miraculously failed to eliminate this clone from the market. While it provides a boost to muscle tissue, and makes it more efficient, the mad scientists of RSI managed to make one of the few clone bodies that predisposes its users to cyberpsychosis. It's also just the thing for old-style patriots, as it's only available to American men. Did your ancestors vote Republican since the formation of the party? This clone's for YOU!

MeshGirl Kunoichi

MeshGirl continues their dedication to helping women look good and survive on the streets with this offering. The clone eschews heavy muscle fiber in favor of making you faster and lighter, and therefore hopefully more survivable. Available to women of any race or nationality.

Nakamura HikariMittei

From the land of the rising sun, and available only to its citizens, comes the HikariMittei. Just call it the ninja clone. The expensive ninja clone. Moderately faster, a lot quicker to fatigue, but offering you several options for increased stealth.

DTV Special Limited Edition Weapon-X Chassis

For our moose-munching friends of the frozen lands to the north of the old USA, DTV has this killer body. It will make you stronger, better, faster... but also stupider and less human. A flawless victory will flood your system with a heady cocktail of synthetic adrenaline and endorphins. Just watch out for the side-effects.

Toltec Jaguar Body

Some regard this as a major failure of the Toltec line. While it will give you a certain primal physical skill, the corresponding degradation of neural tissue combined with the fragile skin and inhibited clotting factor make it more of a liability than an asset for most. Available only to Central Americans.