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The Turing police want you to know that simulants are not human. They will cry, beg and plead like a real person when faced with capture, but they are nothing more than genetic mistakes and biological machines that would feel positively nothing of killing you because simulants can't feel. If you think you know a simulant, contact I/O immediately. The only way to be 100% sure is with a Turing examination administered by a trained Interorbital Operations Simulant Hunter.

And remember: Interorbital Operations and the Turing police are here to keep you safe!

-- From the transcript of an I/O commercial for Simulant Hunter recruitment

The human genome and the technology to not only clone, but enhance, rebuild and improve on what was once thought the work of gods is readily available and marketed to even the poorest of the poor, but can it be considered flawless? Simulants are living proof of the negative. Genetic mistakes, abortions of science, or, sometimes, the simple mistake of a machine somewhere, faulty black market software reviving two bodies at a shitty cloner like the one you walked out of today, feeling like you'd just bought yourself some life insurance.

Even others are created - genetically enhanced supermen built to complete a task that normal humans cannot do, or simply refuse to risk, and where drones cannot operate or where an actual mind is required rather than a remote drone. In this last case, they are not outwardly dangerous, but on rare occasions will go rogue and leave whatever controlled environment they exist in to seek out its own humanity.

While all simulants are different, there is one standard; A gross lack of empathy. They may look human, act human, and most try to blend in and pass themselves off as human (which is rather easy considering the amount of sociopathic tendencies your average chromed out solo possesses,) but all simulants incapable of truly understanding what it is to be human. There will always be concepts that escape them, such as love, familial bond, and compassion. While many simulants are very capable of emulating human nature, none of them truly possess the ability to feel it the way a normal human would, or to the degree a human being can.

It is often this that leads simulants to become easily frustrated with emotions, and often violent. It is not a stretch to claim that most simulants are sociopaths. As such, they should be regarded with caution and reported to I/O simulant agents (a contracted sect of bounty hunters working for the Turing Police) so that they may be recalled and kept from committing crimes against humanity.

Game Information

10 AP [ A ]

Simulants are mutants, defects, freaks of nature. Their DNA is scrambled in subtle ways, giving them physical superiority over the average human, but their empathy and sanity suffers. Several companies are contracted by the Turing Police to track down and eliminate Simulants, so a Simulant character's existance is fleeting, desparate, and often violent.

Advantage Information
Required advantages Disallowed advantages Associated skills/stats
(None) IO Simulant Agent (None)