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"I'm a muthafucken hustler and the KiNG$ fucking rule the east/west side, old city, the wastes, the UC, your bedroom. 
...there must be something in the water.. cuz all I see are bitches!"

-- Lewski

Fast-talk and lies, sleight of hand and pickpocketing, the slick con and the gun-point mugging: these are your tools. You navigate in the shadowy underworld of street crime, your course steered by greed and the urban constellations of glowing neon. You're just another face in the crowd, just another flesh peddler, just another wilson, just another shadow in the corner. They don't even notice.

Until you make your move. And then it's too late.

You're a grifter, master of stealth and disguises, lies and subterfuge. In a world of cyber-hype and macho posturing, you're the one rifling the corpses for loot after the battle's over. Other people fight your battles, other people earn your living. You just skim what you need and stash the rest in an unmarked rental cube.

Grifters are a varied group of con artists, sneaks, thieves, muggers, and shoplifters. They range from petty hustlers to heavy crimelords, their style a spectrum of lanky urchins, gruff muscleboys, and smooth operators. Nothing is ever as it seems with a grifter, and by the time you've figured them out, they're just a retreating shadow in the crowd.