Street Samurai

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Street Samurai
"You're forgetting that I'm as heartless as you, I don't care about people. But I live on their rage, I breathe every moment of it. I take the battle inside me and I throw it against whoever I face."
-- Achilles

The street is your arena. Your weapons are your swords, your hands, your feet, and always your honor. The honor might be noble Bushido, or the diabolical vision of Yakuza warlords. But always, there is honor and the blade.

You are the street samurai, a throwback to ancient traditions, a testament to the science of modern combat. Enhanced reflexes propel you into battle as a blur. Exotic weapons shread and maim your enemies in ways only imagined by your ancestors. But still you choose stylized warfare, the grace of the blade and martial artistry over state of the art firearms.

And in your arena, you prevail.

Street samurai in Cybersphere's future are slaves to style and form. They eschew the modular, prefabbed efficiency of 21st century weaponry and instead choose to make combat an art, painting in stylized blade strokes and patient martial disciplines. Honour and obligation often drives their private lives, and chooses their battlefields. Their causes are varied and complex. Some samurai become self-appointed protectors of the weak. Others choose simply to hurl themselves against the tides of urban violence in a Darwinian evaluation of their abilities.