Church of Infinite Light

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The newly formed Church breaks free of what tradition may have one to believe. This church does not worship any gods, request any donations or tithes, nor does it ask for any living sacrifices. The new order is here for you, a way for you to come to grounds with who you really are deep inside. The church is here to help you better yourself and help you find any part of you that may be hidden within you. This is done by attempting to unify the body, mind, and spirit in order to release all that you are and channel it making you a more powerful individual. The church does not extend power beyond it's walls and as it is an individual process, outside the walls members may not be easily recognized. A symbol to be associated with the Church of Infinite Light however is a diamond and may be found on a member, though not necessarily obvious to the untrained eye. The church is here to help the populace of NC better themselves, though difficult to believe the church asks nothing of initiates save a noble effort, truly adhering to what a church was once meant to do.