The Zones

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The Zones are a confused mix of semi-ruined buildings, burnt out shells, and vast rubble fields scattered to the western side of the city, fenced off and forgotten. Some of the old street grid remains, squatters and the city's cast offs finding shelter in the few buildings that still stand. The eastern edges of the Zones cling tenuously to New Carthage's bulk like a tumour, with some shattered tenements around Kyu-Do Hill leeching power and supplies from the city grid.

The Zones cover a swathe of wasteland that stretches Old City in the south up to the Northern Wastes and the last stop of Nirvana to the north. Sometimes, when the tide is low, a forlorn arch of the Coronado Bay Bridge is visible at the southern end of the wasteland, awash in currents of Styrofoam refuse and dead seabirds. The rest of Coronado and the bridge's onramps are completely submerged.