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Physical Stats

Physical stats are most influenced by factors that affect the body. Encumbrance, injury, shock, and drugs may temporarily or permanently alter your character's physical stats.


 The firefight raged all around, tracers like fireflies. Marachek couldn't budge the door. I was dragging Zone's body, but it was getting heavy. Two guards came around the corner, their high-tech boots squeaking on lucite flooring. Marachek drove a strong left hook into the pointman's jaw and layed him out, quick as fastfood, one, two, down. I tried grabbing the WLI Covert-7 out of the other guy's hand, but he wrestled it away. Marachek saved me by grabbing the guy and pinning him against the wall...

How strong your character is. If your character uses brute force for things, or is simply very muscular, (s)he should have a relatively high strength.


Reiber's mouth was as cracked and sandy as the wastes that spread away in all directions. An empty canteen reminded him of how long he'd managed to go without water. He'd lost track of whether the horizon's shimmering was a mirage or aftereffects of the derm overdose he'd somehow survived earlier that afternoon. The tourniquet had come lose, and he was bleeding...

How tough your character is. A high endurance means your character is probably in robust health, and can take some significant damage before going down.


Shar was cleaning her Sig Sauer P-10 pistol. She had long, steady fingers, she double-tapped a Crosspatcher from across the Docks in Nirvana the afternoon I met her. We waited through the rain for Sirus to get back with take-out from Jin's Noodles while she cleaned. I was finishing the fender on our NeoHonda Naga 450. I'd made short work of the bike. Shar said I had the hands for it.

How good your character is with his/her hands. If your character needs intricate and precise hand movements for something (like stealing or firing a gun accurately), (s)he should have a high dexterity.


They circled each other, glare from the headlights of passing hovercars reflecting off the monomolecular blades of each combatant's katana. This was their dance: feint, parry, dodge and counter, a ballet. Sonoda was faster, his blade flickered and struck first, then twisted away as he dodged the challenging ganger. Sonoda had that kind of speed that makes the whole body fast, a rhythm that made him a natural in a streetbike race or an alley fight. And it allowed him to slip away when the NCSP SWAT goons arrived...

How quick your character's body is. If your character needs to move fast, needs to respond with action, or needs to be very stable on his/her feet, (s)he should have a high agility.

Mental Stats

Mental stats are most affected by insanity and/or cyberpsychosis. They may be affected by shock or injury, and are almost always affected by drugs.


Yeah, I modded this Gothix Mindseye III myself, right? So it's not like I need Krystal copping a major 'tude about it being hot when I bounced down to the Last Exit to plug in. So I tell her I don't know who's got a flatter chest, her, or the Android Barista. I installed the Gothix coprocessors myself, and custom programmed the defense software. I've got the record for the fastest run on the InterOrbital node, I've dodged every Netwatch trace attempt. Oh yeah. Did I mention I speak Mandarin Chinese?

How smart your character is. If your character needs to do things with his/her mind (such as something technically oriented), (s)he should have a high intelligence.


Some people have it. It's that fire in the eye. Like Raster, they say he's the only guy who's ever survived a flatline, got hit with a neural overload when he'd tried skimming data off Bancorp Financial in cyberspace. He just didn't want to die. Or this Slayer in a gang fight, last night. Covered in blood, still won't go down, and his aim's as good as if he'd just woke up and gotten a latte. No distraction at all. Plus he was wired, too many implants, a cyberpsycho. But he kept it in check, fought it back. Too bad he didn't have a clone...

How determined your character is. If your character has trained on something difficult for a long period of time, or has a great will to live, (s)he should have a high willpower.


I'm barely human anymore. There's so much chrome I can't tell where it stops and I begin. But Mira's always been there, even when I wake up in an alley with blood on my hands. (Whose blood?) She's always been the healer, always the one to talk things through, the one who makes it all better. And if we can rent that cybershop, she can pull some of the cyber out, and maybe that'll fix me.

How well your character understands and relates to people and him/herself. If your character has an understanding of people, or should be in-touch enough with him/herself to not by cyberpsychotic with a lot of implants, (s)he should have a high empathy.


"Always watch the suspect's hands and eyes. Body language gives clues about what he's about to try. You need to notice the details. This allows you to spot where he's stashed the murder weapon, or find his partner who's hiding in the crowd. Be alert. Scan the area, aim at the target before he aims at you. Notice your surroundings, or become a part of the pavement."

--Excerpt from NCSP field manual.

How observant your character is. If your character needs to be able to see everything that goes on around him/her, (s)he should have a high perception.